An extremely satisfying effort from the men in pinstripes last evening. A few interesting developments:

Top 1: Moose serves Ortiz an 88mph BP fastball with Loretta on, 2-0 Sox. However, as would be the case all game, Mike demonstrated trademark composure and immediately struck out Ramirez with an outside fastball. Nixon pops out to end the inning.

Top 2: In an otherwise dominant innning, Moose gives up a mistake to Lowell, 3-0 Sox.

Bottom 2: Bernie's sac fly plates Posada 3-1. Ramirez makes an improbable catch on a John Damon line drive. Highly improbable. Roughly as improbable as Schilling saying the words "no comment."

Top 3: Moose's finest moment...with 2 outs, Ortiz gets a leaking hit from the Yankees' patented "Shift for Ortiz but when he hits it to the right he's somehow safe" shift. Ramirez doubles. Nixon walks to load them. Coolly, Mike ends the inning with a Varitek grounder.

Bottom 3: Like a skilled craftsman, Jeter works Schilling from an 0-2 count to a single the other way. Giambi's bomb to right center ties the game. Is it acceptable for me to say what is creeping into all of our minds re: Jason? It is? Fine: MVP.

Bottom 5: Alex takes Red Light (Jim Fregosi's nickname, not mine) so deep to left that the guys in the first row of the upper deck try to catch the ball. 4-3 Yankees. Say what you want about Alex: I want him to hit 800 in pinstipes. Following a walk by Matsui-san, Posada makes it 6-3 with a moonshot to right.

Bottom 6: After a double by Bernie and a Melky sac bunt, John Damon scores our favorite guitarist from 3rd with a single. Just a moment...the Yankees lead the American League in sac bunts? With the best lineup in the game? I'm no Clay Davenport, but that is confusing.

Top 7: Proctor makes the Sturtze decision easy by blowing some "country hardball" (as Jim Kaat might say) by Ramirez with Ortiz and Loretta on base to end the innning. Ortiz again was the beneficiary of the strange shift described above.

Top 9: Off to never-never land...Mariano is overpowering as the Yankees win their 19th of the season.

Very satisfying.