Looks like our third baseman has decided to sit out of the inaugural World Baseball Classic.

"After thoughtful deliberations with my family, I am announcing my decision to withdraw from the World Baseball Classic," A-Rod told The New York Post. "When faced with the decision to choose between my country, the United States of America, and my Dominican heritage, I decided I will not dishonor either."

I would also consider the additional wear-and-tear on A-Rod, and being that this is the very first Classic, we just don't know how much of a strain that will add to his body. Especially when it comes down to the playoffs in October.

Another point-of-view would be the WORLD stage that it set. It would allow A-Rod to further showcase his talents and add to his own developing storied history. But I don't say he needs that. He can continue building upon his resume with the Yankees. I just want him to stay healthy and hit another 40-50 HRs.