According to the Star-Ledger, Carl Pavano wants out of New York in a hurry.

A person who spoke with Pavano late in the 2005 season said Pavano was "miserable" with the Yankees and that he would like the team to try to trade him this winter.

The article goes further to say that the Yankees are looking to trade Pavano as they feel they have a good staff of starters ready to go regardless if they have Pavano or not.

Carl's season was unstable at best with an ERA of 4.77 and a 4-6 record in 17 starts. He was shelved just after the All-Star break on July 7th and never returned.

Is this a case of a pitcher who just can't handle New York? Did he put too much pressure on himself, and/or his body to meet expectations of rabid Yankee fans? By doing so, did this cause his season ending injury?

Making a trade with Pavano might be tough as he is owed just over $30 million over three years. But I strongly feel they should make a trade if any Yankee wants out as bad as Carl Pavano does.