In honor of the "Support the 'Stache" initiative, we here at feel it necessary to do our part. As such, Seamus, James and myself put our heads together to present you with the top 10 facts about Jason Giambi's Mustache (never shall Jason Giambi's Mustache not be capitalized).

10. Jason Giambi's Mustache votes for him online - while he's playing.

9. The scar on Jason Giambi's upper lip is from the first time he shaved his Mustache - a mistake he knows not to make again.

8. Jason Giambi's Mustache makes women want to grow a mustache.

7. When Tom Selleck/Thomas Magnum, P.I.'s mustache prays at night, it prays to Jason Giambi's Mustache.

6. Jason Giambi's Mustache grows faster than Jason Giambi can run.

5. Jason Giambi's Mustache will carry New York, New Jersey and Connecticut's 53 electoral votes in the Presidential election - as a write in candidate.

4. If Keith Hernandez had Jason Giambi's Mustache, he wouldn't need Just for Men.

3. Jason Giambi didn't grow his Mustache - his Mustache grew a Jason Giambi.

2. Jason Giambi's Mustache is the only thing in the world that leaves Curt Schilling speechless.

1. Jason Giambi never took steroids. The grand jury that questioned him mistakenly thought his Mustache was on baseball's banned substances list.

(Submitted in good humor - especially the Schilling comment). Vote Jason below and please feel free to all your own Mustache facts in the comments (keep them clean, respectful and work/family appropriate, please!)