One time Yankee Dock Ellis is in pretty bad shape, according to the Post.

... Since being diagnosed the day after Thanksgiving, Ellis has deteriorated rapidly. He spends most of his days lying in bed or on the couch of his Apple Valley, Calif. home. He no longer can drive and the disease has wiped him out.

"He's fatigued at all times and he's lost his appetite," Ellis' wife of 23 years, Hjordis, said. "I've watched my husband lose over 60 pounds since November. He has very serious bouts of delusion. He's very emotional and he cries a lot. That's something I never thought I'd see."

The article goes on to say that Ellis doesn't have insurance. But, friends of Ellis have stepped up and are helping him. Those friends include David Reich (the son of Ellis' former agent), the Baseball Assistance Team (including Joe Morgan and Jim Martin) and the Yankees, as it is stated that Randy Levine has told Ellis that the team will help. Ellis is hoping to get on a liver transplant list soon.

Our thoughts are with them.