Between Kat O'Brien, Peter Abraham, Ed Price and Bryan Hoch, we can piece together a couple of funny stories coming out of the Yankees clubhouse in Tampa.

Mike Mussina didn't like the view right next to his locker, which was a cement wall. So, a poster of a boat on a lake was hung up on that very wall. Either clubhouse manager Lou Cucuzza or Moose put it up. Then, it seems Cucuzza stepped his game up, creating a faux window sill around the poster, complete with Yankee drapes (from K-Mart, according to Hoch). Thus, giving it the appearance of an actual window. Moose then joked that he'd put more pictures up.

The other story is about LaTroy Hawkins wearing a "Joba Rules" t-shirt around. Apparently, he doesn't much care for the Under Armor stuff that the team passes out and he wanted a cotton shirt. So, he went to the Steinbrenner Field team shop and picked up a "Joba Rules" one. Perry offers that Joba did a double take upon seeing his name and number on another player's back with Hawkins remarking, "That's what friends are for."