Jerry Crasnick, Jayson Stark and Peter Abraham have updates on CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett from the first day of the Baseball Winter Meetings.

Stark spoke with a source with knowledge of Sunday's meeting between Cashman, Sabathia and his agent. The source says that the purpose of the meeting was to gather information about life in New York. Cashman said that the Yankees are "on his list." Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says that Sabathia told him that he wants to play for the Dodgers. Colletti says it is "a possibility," but the Dodgers have not made an offer to the lefty.

Meanwhile, on the Burnett front, Crasnick says that the Yankees are aiming to meet with his agent and could potentially be able to top the amount of guaranteed money that the Braves offered Burnett. The deal the Braves offered was four years, $60 million plus a buyout and an option on a fifth year. The option would bring it to $75 million.