To update a previous story, it seems as if the rumored Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera deal has hit a bit of a snag. According to's Ken Rosenthal, the Brewers seem unwilling to pay any portion of the $10 million Cameron is owed next season. Apparently, the Brewers don't feel willing to cooperate because of the money the Yankees are able to spend on free agent pitching.

This is all on Milwaukee if this deal doesn't get done. The Brewers have the wrong idea here. The Yankees aren't claiming they can't afford Cameron's $10 million. He's just simply not worth that much. Why would the Yankees give away Melky just to pay $10 million for nothing more than a slight upgrade? If you had the choice of paying a million or less for .249/.301/.341 or $10 million for .243/.331/.477, what would you do? Yeah, thought so. I've said on here before that the Brewers were making a mistake when they picked up Cameron's option in the first place.

I understand Milwaukee's thinking here. They felt it was best to pick up the option and try to get something in return for him via trade, rather than just letting him go via free agency. Well, that's going to backfire, because Mike Cameron is not a $10M/year player. And now that the Yankees are on the verge of shelling out $200M+ for CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett, the Brewers feel as if the Yankees should be obligated to overpay for their mistakes, as well.

The ironic thing is, this deal could go through and then the Brewers and/or some of their fans may complain before the end of 2009 about how the Yankees outspend everybody and we need a salary cap.