As fans and radio talk show hosts everywhere were bashing CC Sabathia all day for his seeming unwillingness to play in New York, it turns out Brian Cashman was in San Francisco meeting with Sabathia for the third time in as many days. This has led to increased optimism that the Yankees will be able to land the coveted free agent, or at least optimism that CC is actually seriously considering the Yankees' offer.

SI's John Heyman also reports in the article that the Yankees are going hard at A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe, and may attempt to sign all three pitchers (including Sabathia). The article states that the Yankees have made an offer to Lowe that was "thought to be at least $64 million over four years."

This is pretty encouraging news regarding CC, but I'll have to admit I was becoming a fan of the idea of two years for Ben Sheets. I'd actually be pretty disappointed if the Yankees signed both Burnett and Lowe to go along with Sabathia, although I don't believe the Yankees actually believe that will happen. The Yankees do need pitching, but they don't need $300 million worth of it. I would much prefer cheaper deals for Andy Pettitte and Ben Sheets to long-term commitments to an aging Lowe and an erratic Burnett.

It's all speculation, though, so we'll see what happens.