That's right, folks. After much speculation, it turns out that Andy Pettitte, Bobby Abreu and Pudge Rodriguez will all be waking up on Christmas morning to find no present under the tree from the Yankees. Peter Abraham says that the Yankees "remain engaged with Pettitte and Abreu," however.

When you actually sit down and look at it, there aren't any real surprises here. Not quite sure why Mr. Abraham expected Pettitte to get an offer. If the Yankees were going to give him $16 million again he'd be on the books already. I'd like to have Pettitte back, but it would be rediculous at that price. $10-12 million seems like enough.

Pudge's case is obvious, of course. He isn't going to turn down $13.5 million+.

The only real tough decision here was on Bobby Abreu. Abreu is not THAT old (he is 34) and he can still rake. I don't think he's a $16M/yr player anymore, but one would think that he'd at least be able to get a two or three-year deal from somebody. Seemingly, though, he hasn't been getting too many calls so the Yanks went ahead and weighed the risk of losing a draft pick versus having to pay him $16 million again next season. When you're looking into possibly throwing a combined $200 million this offseason into CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett/Derek Lowe, I guess the bigger risk is in having to fork over the dough to Abreu.