This is unsubstantiated by major sports outlets (but Mike A. has confirmed it and I trust him so that's good enough for me) as of yet but it's making its way through the Yankees circles that J. B. Cox has undergone Tommy John Surgery and will miss the 2007 season. My first reaction: this sucks. I honestly expected Cox to see some MLB time this year but now it looks like it will be a good long wait. First for Cox will have to recover from the surgery and then, he'll have to work his way back to pitching at the level that he was at before. What was that saying about pitching depth? Oh doesn't exist.

Both EJ at Pending Pinstripes and Mike A. at River Ave. Blues mention the news.

Update: Pete A. over at LoHud has the update and it looks like it's not Tommy John:

Right-hander J.B. Cox had surgery performed on his elbow a few days ago by Dr. James Andrews.

It was not Tommy John surgery as some sites have reported. Brian Cashman said that Cox had a ligament repaired but not replaced, which is what Tommy John surgery is.

This is less invasive surgery and Cox may not necessarily miss the entire season.

Thanks for the tip Andrew.