This time from ESPN. It's the front page lead this morning and part of ESPN's e-ticket program.

But although a ring would put A-Rod in a familiar category, the more interesting, and more likely scenario (the Yankees are an aging, pitching-weak team) is that things continue on the track they're on now. He's only 31, and we've had Bonds and Clemens to concentrate on these past 10 years, but if A-Rod stays healthy and productive in the years to come, it will become increasingly clear that he is hands-down the best player in the game, and is very likely the best all-around player any of us will ever have the privilege to see in person. Even without a title. Even with what we think is a sensitive heart. Even with what we perceive to be a scripted tongue.

The article even has it's own poll about A-Rod. The article itself is worth a look if you're not past the point of annoyance with the whole thing. The only thing that really annoyed me was that I wished they would have found some rational Yankees fans than the guys they did use.