Many Yankees fans (me included) have decried Torre's penchant for tactical small ball in the face of many compelling SABR studies to the contrary. When you add that the Yankees lineup demands an Earl Weaver style approach (i.e., big ball in the 70's, before it was cool) it has been particularly difficult to watch Jeter bunt Damon over in certain situations this year.

However, today's Bob Klapisch column on demonstrates that Torre fully understands the direct relationship between OBP and run creation. An excerpt:

And Torre is pleased to see the Yankees becoming more selective.

"[We] have what it takes to go through a pennant race," he said. "You're going to be facing the best pitching. This type of approach will serve you better than waiting for a mistake to hit. I feel very comfortable with this ballclub."

I can definitely live with the random bunt and hit-and-run now that I understand that plate discipline/OBP is a Torre principle.