Yesterday, Robbie Cano started as the DH for the GCL Yankees and went 2-for-5. Tonight, Cano went 3-for-3 with a 2B and a walk for AA Trenton. He was also able to play the field so it looks like he is on his way back (repeated knocks on wood as I throw salt over my shoulder). He was replaced for a pinch-runner in the 7th but that might have just been as a precaution (at least, I hope so - no official word). Cairo has certainly played a great defensive 2B since Robbie went down but there's certainly something to be said for getting a left-handed 2B who just happens to be a .325 hitter with power back in the line-up.

Also, Octavio Dotel has started pitching again and his second appearance came last night as he started the game for the GCL Yankees. He went one inning and didn't allow a hit while he walked one and struck out one. At this point, his rehab has stopped and started so many times that I'm not sure that even the Yankees brass know if/when he'll be able to make it back. Obviously, we all wish him the best.

Finally, Christian Garcia made his first start of the season for the Low-A Charleston Riverdogs after working his way back from what was originally an oblique injury. Apparently, the Yankees felt that he had put in enough work in the GCL and was ready to make his return. Happily, he made it a triumphant one as he went 6 strong innings, giving up 4 hits, walking none and striking out 4. Garcia (21 in 3 weeks) is a very promising prospect (regard lower than Hughes, higher than Clippard) so it will be interesting to see what he can accomplish before the season is over and just how much of his luster he can recover. Honestly, I'll be happy if he can close out the season without injury or incident and then start off next season as strong as possible.