(and several other sources) are reporting that Red Sox rookie Jon Lester is dealing with more than just a bad back. Although Red Sox officials are being tight-lipped about the matter (as they should be), reports are that Lester has been undergoing an array of exams in Boston for internal medical issues, including cancer.

The Boston Herald reported on its Web site Wednesday night that rookie left-hander Jon Lester, who was sent back to Boston earlier this week to have his ailing back examined, is also being tested for far more serious matters, including the possibility that he has cancer.

Reporter Tony Massarotti wrote that Lester "was diagnosed with enlarged lymph nodes, according to sources. Such a symptom can be caused by an array of issues, from infections to cancer."
The 22-year-old Lester was rear-ended in a car accident on Storrow Drive while on his way to pitch at Fenway Park on Aug. 18. Before and during his next start at Anaheim -- a win -- his back locked on him as he was dealing with an apparent case of whiplash.
When the Red Sox went to Seattle last weekend, Lester, a native of Tacoma, Wash., wasn't seen in the clubhouse during media access hours for the entire series. A source confirmed to that Lester spent much of the weekend in a Seattle hospital undergoing, among other things, a CT Scan.

At this point, no one knows for sure if Lester has cancer or not but whatever it is, our little corner of the blogosphere wish him well. The same applies to David Ortiz, who is still at Massachusetts General Hospital being examined after he, on multiple occasions over a 10-day span, experienced a rapid heartbeat. Hopefully, both these cases turn out to be minor but even so, these aren't baseball related injuries, these are life-threating ones and so, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery.