My (and Ben Kabak's) dreams were dashed today as Peter Abraham has reported that Pavano's been shut down (probably for the year).

Carl Pavano has been shut down again after being examined by team doctor Stuart Hershon. He will be sent to Tampa for two weeks and not allowed to pitch off the mound.

According to Brian Cashman, Pavano called him and said he wanted to pitch through the injury. But the organization doesn't seem to want much to do with him.

Oy vey. I was really hoping that Pavano could have stepped up and taken the spot from Jaret Wright.

Well, Darrell Rasner just had a good AAA start and I think he'll be called up once the rosters expand. With the AL East division title sewn up (yes, I said it), maybe Rasner can get a shot or two. Who knows, maybe the kid can impress enough to bump Wright out of the rotation (hey, it could happen!) and as Joseph P. from the Sporting Brews pointed out, Rasner is on the 40-man roster so he's postseason roster eligble already.