...because just 7 days ago Toronto was lurking, a constant threat on the Yankees horizon. Last night at the stadium they looked suddenly less potent, falling almost 8 games back.

It was our old friend Ted Lilly, once the future of the back end of the Yankees rotation. Lilly is one of the few ex-Yankees that triggers nostalgia, perhaps because he's virtually the same "upside" pitcher now as he was then: almost untouchable for 4 to 6 innings, then suddenly an open book.

His counterpart continues to fulfill Guidry's grandiose predictions. On this track, Wang will be recognized as one of the 5 best pitchers in the majors. Mid-90s sink with added late movement. Still in his mid 20's. A tribute to the Yankees' minor league & talent selection system.

Wang pitched into trouble in the second, walking the bases full. Thankfully he pitched out of the jam unscathed, and after that Toronto's offense was a ground ball festival. Wang surrendered no runs and the shutout remained intact until the 9th.

The Yankees offensive output was clustered in the 3rd and in the 6th. "The deuce" (Jeter) went over the opposite field wall in the 3rd for a 1-0 lead.

In the 6th, Alex began the inning with a line drive and a "here I am/no I'm not" slide at second base. After the ball beat him to the bag by 10 feet, Alex wriggled (headfirst) around the infielder's glove. Posada rewarded the effort with a long HR into Toronto's bullpen. 3-0 Yankees.

Still in the 6th, after a Wilson single, Melky ground rule double and a Cairo walk, John drilled a line drive to score another run, 4-0. Jeter's walk with the bases loaded made the game 5-0. Abreu k'd (but he had 2 hits) and then Alex's ground ball shot deflected off the shortstop's glove to score 2 more runs, 7-0.

Alex has 4 hits and 4 RBIs in the last 2 games....watch out.

Glaus's irrelevant HR in the 9th (off of Villone) made it 7-2. It was encouraging to see Villone shake off the embarrassment and prevent a rally by quickly inducing the next 3 outs.

Hang in there, Cory...the offense predicts to score more than a few runs today.