Even before the Yankees took the field for today's game, Joe Torre took time out of his day to make me a happier man. He put Abreu in the 3 hole and slotted Giambi in the 5th spot (followed by Craig Wilson). I know both Abreu and Giambi have great OBP numbers but I'd much rather see Abreu in front for two major reasons. First, with Abreu's speed, you would have 4 straight players who have very good speed and have great base-running instincts. All 4 guys can can get on and steal if the need arises but more importantly, they can take the extra base, which is something that Jason Giambi simply can't do. Secondly, for as good of a hitter as Abreu is, his diminished power (real or not) does not give him the same presence in the on-deck circle as Giambi does. If you have Abreu on deck, you can tip-toe past A-Rod and take your chances with Abreu singling or doubling the runner over. Well, hopefully, these guys do well today because the more this line-up scores, the more Torre will use it.

As the game started, the Yanks made my smile even wider in the bottom of the first as they scored 3 quick runs. With one out, Derek Jeter singled and after a long fly-out by Bobby Abreu, A-Rod worked a walk to put runners on first and second. Jason Giambi strolled to the plate and launched a long home-run off the first pitch he saw from Shaun Marcum. 3-0 Yankees...exxxcellent. So far, so good - score first to give the new guy some support so he can relax on the mound (he's doing well so far, 3 IP, 1H).

In an interesting move, the Jays go to the bullpen in the third inning with two on (Jeter & Abreu singles). Perhaps the heat started getting to Marcum (or perhaps the Jays didn't want a repeat of the first inning) but he's gone after 2.2 innings. It's not his pitch count either as he's gone about 5 innings and 90+ pitches in his last two outings. Unfortunately , the move works out for the Blue Jays as Giambi works a walk to load the bases but Craig Wilson flies out to right to end the inning (after a very good at-bat).

The Blue Jays got on board in the 5th when with 2 out, Ryan Roberts hit a solo homerun to make the score 3-1. Reed Johnson followed with a double and Frank Catalanotto walked to bring up Vernon Wells with the tying runs on base. However, Corey Lidle was able to induce a groundball and get out of the inning having given up only one run.

The Yankees recovered in the bottom of the inning when Jeter and Abreu led off with singles. A-Rod then hit a ground-ball that pitcher Brandon League misplayed into an error, allowing Jeter to score. League then gave Giambi the free pass to load the bases (with NO ONE OUT), struck out Craig Wilson but allowed a bloop single to Melky Cabrera which plated Bobby Abreu. Two ground-outs from Fasano and Green ended the inning without another run scoring and the score at Yankees 5, Blue Jays 1.

The Yanks piled on some more runs in the bottom of the 6th when with 2 out, Bobby Abreu doubled to left. Scott Schoeneweis intentionally walked Alex Rodriguez to get to Jason Giambi who promptly hit a ground-rule double deep over Vernon Wells' head in center, scoring Bobby Abreu. Craig Wilson followed up with a 2-run single to push the score to 8-1 Yankees before Melky grounded out to end the inning.

Inexplicably, Joe Torre brings in Scott Proctor. These type of blow-out games would be perfect to use the flotsam in your bullpen (i.e. see what, if anything, Sidney Ponson can do for you). If he bombs and gives up a couple of runs, THEN you bring the hammer down. Obviously, Joe Torre knows more about managing than I ever will but this is simply infuriating to me - Lidle was cruising, at 80 pitches and you need to see what you have in Ponson - I just don't get it.

Inexplicably, Joe Torre brings in Kyle Farnsworth. You can pretty much put the rest of that last paragraph here as well. Are these guys really so rigid that they cannot suffer more than one day off at a time? Is that the problem? Because I seem to recall that Scott Proctor started being the Proctor of April after the All-Star break when he had 6 days off!

Naturally, Farnsworth has to be taken out of the game due to injury (no information on the injury yet) and NOW they bring in Ponson, who proceeds to get the last 4 outs of the game. Hopefully, Farnsworth turns out to be all right but right now, I'm just very annoyed that this piece of mis-management tainted an otherwise very good game for Yankees fans.