The Yankees battled back on Friday night in Anaheim to take a 5-4 lead but couldn't hold on and lost in the bottom of the ninth on a sacrifice fly 6-5.

The Angels took an early 3-0 lead when they were aided by a two run double from Vladimir Guerrero. The Yankees struck back for two off of Angels starter John Lackey. Anaheim extended the lead later to 4-2 but the Yankees took the lead late at 5-4.

Jaret Wright was awful and lasted only in to the fourth inning. Ron Villone releived him and gave up an additional run. Villone was relieved by Scott Proctor after the Yankees took the lead and he gave it back as the Angels tied the score in the seventh at 5. Kyle Farnsworth pitched a scoreless eighth and Octavio Dotel was summoned for the ninth.

Dotel gave up a leadoff double to Garret Anderson to start the inning. Juan Rivera then singled to left and the Angels had runners on first and third with no outs. The next batter was walked intentionally to load the bases. Adam Kennedy popped out to short for the first out and then Mike Nepoli was up next. Dotel worked him hard and got to two strikes and didn't get the call on a 2-2 pitch. On the 3-2 pitch the ball was out over the plate and Nepoli hit it to left for a sacrifice fly to end the game.

A-Rod was simply awful all night. He struck out four times in critical situations and grounded out his last time up. Aaron Guiel contriubuted an RBI single but the Yankees missed scoring opportunities all night long.

The series resumes on Saturday afternoon with Cory Lidle facing Erwin Santana in a 4pm start.