There's a quick little article over at ESPN from the AP about Chien-Ming Wang and how loved he is at home (Taiwan). Most people have gathered that from the Taiwanese flags and supporters that show up for Wang's games (both in the Bronx and on the road) but the article repeats the point.

...Twelve year old pitcher Nien Wen-Fang explains what it means to have Wang as a role model.
"I absolutely idolize him," he said. "I want to be just like him."
The team practices five days a week, two hours a day under the watchful eye of coach Liu Yong-Song, a personable 53-year-old who has been at the school for 20 years -- including the time in the late 1980s and early 1990s when Wang was on the squad.
"Wang donated the statue in the courtyard," Liu says. "He comes here during the offseason to give our players tips. He's a big presence in our program."
"From the time he was in third grade I knew he had talent," he said. "But even more important was his personality. He was quiet, self-contained and he didn't horse around with other kids." Still, Liu says, he had no idea that Wang was destined for stardom in the major leagues.
"The truth is," he said. "I've coached better players."

Coach, if you can remember where these players that are than Wang let the Yankee brass know!

I'm just glad that the guy is on our team. He's young, confident, funny and stays out of trouble. Throw in the fact that he's a huge figure in a foreign country (meaning increased international merchandise sales and more importantly, a better talent pipeline into Taiwan) and things certainly have come up roses for the Yanks and Wang so far.