Today is no doubt a happy day for Yankees fans everywhere. Yesterday we completed a 5 game (in 4 days) sweep of the Boston Red Sox in Fenway Park. It's incredible and I have a hard time believing it. I think the Yankees (players, manager, coaches, organization) deserve a congrats for this. I mean, it's the regular season, yes. And the end goal is to win the World Series, yes. But, you can't miss the importance (or freaking coolness) of this. You have to enjoy the moment. And if we do happen to make the playoffs and win it all... it is likely that people will look back at this series with importance. So, thanks and congrats guys.

Of course, we of are walking around with an extra bounce in our steps this morning, but I thought I'd highlight some of the happiness from around the Yankees blogosphere:


How sweep it is

Woah. Woah. Who would have believed a five-game sweep?

Pride of the Yankees:

How sweep it is! ...

What a fun five games it's been.

Larry Mahnken:

Four days changed the season. Four days mean that Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui don't need to be be rushed, that they can take all the PAs they need when they do come back to get ready for the playoffs. Four days mean that maybe Joe Torre will give Scott Proctor a break, and get some use out of him in October, and not ruin his career. Four days mean... that the Yankees are once again a much better team than the Red Sox. 1918 is gone forever, but the important thing is, it appears, back to the way it once was.


How Sweep It Is!

The Yankees did something I never would have expected, by heading into Fenway Park for a five game series and winning all five games. Each game presented a different story, but the end result of each one was just as satisfying. This doesn't mean the Yankees clinched the AL East, as they still have a rough stretch of games coming up, but they sure made their lives easier.


Did that really happen?

I'm serious. Did the Yanks actually take all five games against the Red Sox, at Fenway? After a week in which they had serious trouble putting the Orioles away?


Sweep Fancy Moses! ...

What a great plane ride the Yankees are going to have - as they head out to Seattle. And, they earned it.