No matter what happens, Scott Proctor deserves credit for his performance this year. Not everyone can be Mariano Rivera - you need those guys who go out there, pitch regularly, get some outs and keep their ERA below 4. This year, Proctor has been one of those guys. While watching yesterday's game, his numbers flashed across the screen and his ERA was 3.47 and I thought "when did it get down that far?" The last time I looked (which was apparently July), it was over 4. But, Scott is 5-3 in 81.2 innings over 64 games with a 3.53 ERA. 73 K and 28 BB.

He's been an important part of this bullpen and he's outpitched big free agent signing Kyle Farnsworth. Of course, Ron Villone deserves credit, as well. But, I'm more happy for Proctor just because of the way he was criticized by many Yankees fans, writers, etc. Happy for him and I hope he can keep doing it. But, if he can't, you can't take what he's done this year for us away from him.