has a pretty glowing article about Melky Cabrera's season so far and some history on the young man. There are some interesting points in the article so it's worth a look, especially since it gives us a quick look into how the rest of the clubhouse reacts to him.

"He's a young man, just a kid, but he has been a big help for us," Yankees closer Mariano Rivera said. "I think sometimes people forget he is only 22 years old because the way he plays. He has a good career in front of him, but remember, he is young. He has a lot to learn."

That's where Cabrera's teammates come in. Whether he is following Robinson Cano around the clubhouse or chatting with Bernie Williams about the finer points of being a Major Leaguer, Cabrera is absorbing the experience. It's not rare to see him watching video with Alex Rodriguez or sitting at his locker picking the brain of Derek Jeter. Cabrera says he wants to be the best, so he listens to the best. He says he learns by asking questions. He is also advised by his veteran teammates before questions arise.
"When I go on the field, I ask God for strength to go forward and help this team," Cabrera said. "I'm young, but I'm not afraid. That is how I was raised, not to be afraid." (With quotes like that, it's real hard to dislike this kid.)

More than anything, I'm glad to hear that the veterans of the team are being pro-active and taking the kids aside and trying to help them better themselves. Hopefully, that way, we can see the same professionalism and character in the future that we've come to expect from Bernie, Mariano and Jeter.