I was going to recap yesterday's game but it's just too painful to remember. It was sloppy. Sloppy pitching, sloppy hitting, sloppy fielding - man, it just stunk to watch the game. Jaret Wright couldn't get on track and the bullpen, including Octavio Dotel, came in and poured gasoline on the fire. The only pitching bright spot was the first appearance of Brian Bruney who came in for the 9th and struck out the side. In the end, the Yankees ended up splitting the 4 game set against a team that they are clearly better than. It's especially hard to take when Detroit was kicking Boston around.

Here's the thing; in a season where we've needed pitching, more often than not, Jaret Wright has actually come through. Yes, it's been often painful to watch but there is something to be said for giving your team 5 solid innings of work and while it taxes the bullpen (i.e. Scott Proctor), he's given the Yankees good chances to win. Of course, just when you start thinking you can count on the guy, he goes out and serves up a stinker. It's maddening...but here's a possible silver lining. After each of his bad outings, he's always been very capable in the next start so that bodes well for his next game (against the Red Sox). I might be reaching here...but after that game, it's all you can do. Also, if any of you get a chance, check out Patrick's post with the full matchups for the Boston series and post your thoughts on how you think things are going to play out.

For those wondering who Brian Bruney is and why he was on the team, here's the lowdown. Corey Lidle was put on the bereavement list after his 98-year-old grandmother died earlier this week. According to the MLB rulebook, a player on the bereavement list cannot play for at least three days, but has to see action after seven. which makes Lidle still eligible for his start on Monday against the Red Sox. Bruney was called up to take Lidle's spot on the roster. He's gone 1-1 with three saves and a 3.14 ERA in 11 relief appearances at Columbus and Steve L. over at WasWatching checked him out earlier this season when the Yankees signed him.

Finally, a hearty congrats to my favorite prospect, Tyler Clippard who pitched the first no-hitter in Trenton Thunder history. His numbers are actually even better than his ERA indicates. Take a look at the numbers after June 9 when his ERA was 5.29. My boy is becoming a man...I'm so proud!