The official site has an article on Derek Jeter's MVP chances:

Although the Yankees captain doesn't possess the gaudy power numbers of some of the league's other top candidates, Jeter may find himself in the mix when it comes to this year's American League's Most Valuable Player race.

"I think they have to consider him," Joe Torre said, referring to MVP voters. "I don't see why he shouldn't be able to win it. I think it's how valuable someone is to their team and where that team goes."

In a guest shot at Off the Facade, Dan Benton makes a case:

In the end, it all depends on what you consider clutch. But I have made my case. As a hitter/slugger there is no comparison. But as an overall player, there is no doubt in my mind who is better.

What you do not see in these stats is that casual ground ball to second base where Jeter is running full speed to the bag another thing to keep in mind. Not to mention the most important stat of all. Wins. And while that may change by seasons end, as it stands now, just another category where Jeter is slightly out ahead.

I would love - love - for Jeter to get an MVP. What other award does he have yet to win, outside of that?