Tonight's game was the equivalent of a doubleheader:

Game 1 (The first 6.5 innings) featured Randy Johnson in his best form of the season, except perhaps his start in Detroit. A 93-95mph fastball, slider and great command held the daunting Chicago lineup hitless through 6.

The Unit's first 6 innings were embodied by Thome's K in the 4th. He went down looking on a 95mph fastball that was perfectly placed on the outer part of the plate. I don't think that Thome's subsequent growl at the umpire was a gripe about the 3rd strike call. It seemed to be an expression of frustration that he, such an excellent hitter, was so confused by the towering lefty.

Offensively, the Yankees depleted John Garland with their familiar approach of going into deep counts, getting on base, and hitting for power.

Top 1: Damon's triple was converted into a run by Abreu's single, Yankees 1-0.
Top 5: Melky guessed right on a low change-up and crushed it, 2-0. Then after a Jeter walk, Abreu mashed a change-up over the CF wall, 4-0.

That Abreu trade was a pretty good deal. In the same way that the Louisiana Purchase was a pretty good deal.

Top 6: Welcome back, Robinson. He hit a ball into center that would have cleared the fence of any park in the major leagues. No doubt when it left his bat, 5-0 Yankees.

Top 7: Alex's 1B scored Andy Phillips from 3rd, 6-0. Jorge's ground ball scored Jeter on a FC, 7-0. Shockingly, this turned out to be the winning run.

In Game 2 (the last 2.5 innings) the White Sox came almost all the way back. Randy's no hitter was broken up by Iguchi in the 7th and he was quickly touched for 2 runs. Torre called on Villone, who walked the bases loaded and then got 3 straight outs to keep the score 7-2.

In the bottom 8th, Farnsworth took a step backward after his strong recent performances. Iguchi and Crede combined for 2 home runs and 4 RBIs, Yankees 7-6.

Bottom 9: Mariano issued a walk and a single, but in the end a harmless ground ball insured that the Chicago comeback was "a tale full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

The Red Sox lost their second in a row to the Royals, giving the bombers a 3 game lead in the AL East. Watching the end of the Red Sox game and the hearing the shock of the Boston announcers, I was reminded of when the Yankees were broomed in Kansas City last season and the generally sick, depressed feeling that gripped the Yankees Universe.

That was then, this is now.