There's an interesting piece over at The Baseball Analysts today by guest blogger Jeff Albert that breaks down the mechanics of A-Rod's swing and how it has changed in the last couple of years. It's a very interesting analysis and is accompanied by swing captures, graphs and video - head on over and check it out.

Since I had not heard much detail about any kind of physical changes relating to A-Rod's swing, I put together an initial analysis where I was able to measure and actually quantify some changes from just a year ago. What I intend to do here is provide an excerpt from that video analysis in order to simply and narrow in on what appears to be the culprit to A-Rod's "off" season.

Jeff Albert is owner and operator of, which is a site dedicated to baseball training and analysis.

Hat Tip to Mike A. over at Baby Bombers for the link. Also, if you haven't already and want to wish him well, head on over and congratulate Mike on his engagement (and no, he didn't propose to Phil Hughes).