All of Yankee-dom seems to be in a huge state of upheaval. People calling for A-Rod's head, Torre's brains, and for someone to show a little heart.


At this point, I honestly don't care about that sort of talk. At least not right now. If the Yanks lose today or tomorrow, we'll have a whole off-season to ponder those questions. Letís wait until the emotion of these games die down before thinking of solutions to the problems the Yankees have.

At the moment, let's you and I concentrate on being fans. This is postseason baseball in all its inherent unpredictability and these are the same guys you've been watching and cheering for 165 games. The team obviously has flaws but like it or not, this is the team we loveÖ and they'll be playing for their season. It'll be Jaret Wright (and if he falters, everyone else save Wang on the roster) in Game 4 and Chien-Ming in Game 5.

"We play today, we win today. Das it."

Let's Go Yankees.