Well, game 2 was postponed by rain. I was ready to stay up until 2 and turn the alarm clark off. But, instead, I'm well rested and will be live blogging today's game, so check back for that. :)

There was a little mini controversy brewing as the Tigers said that they were not given the most up to date information and Verlander went out and threw a little soft toss:

"We wanted to get the game in. We thought we could," [Jimmie Lee, EVP of Baseball Operations at MLB] Solomon said. "The forecast indicated we could get in two, three innings tops and would have to stop against for an hour-and-a-half to two hours. We didn't want to burn up two pitchers if we had that coming through. We reconvened, talked and we made a decision jointly with the commissioner."

Solomon said both teams were informed of the rainout at approximately the same time but not simultaneously because cell phones didn't work underneath the ballpark. He said Verlander hadn't warmed up fully.

"He did some soft tossing and some stretching, but he didn't do any real pitching," Solomon said.