The ESPN experts have posted their postseason picks. Let's break it down. Here is who was picked to win it all and how many times:

Twins - 7 (Jerry Crasnick, Jim Caple, Eric Neel, Pedro Gomez, Eric Karabell, Phil Rogers and John Shea)
Yankees - 6 (Peter Gammons, Jayson Stark, Tim Kurkjian, Keith Law, Alan Schwarz and Bob Klapisch)
Athletics - 2 (Buster Olney and Steve Phillips)
Dodgers - 1 (Rob Neyer)
Mets - 1 (Enrique Rojas)

Interestingly enough, the Yankees were picked to win the ALDS by all 17 people. Also interesting was the fact that only 6 people picked them to win the pennant. Meaning, the only people who picked them to win the pennant were the people who picked them to win it all. The other 11 people picked someone else for the AL pennant. As you can see, the NL only got picked to win it all 2 times out of 17.

For fun, of the 6 people who picked the Yankees to win it all, Mariano was the predicted WS MVP 3 times. Damon, A-Rod and Cano each got 1 nod apiece.

Via Steve.