Lou Pinella, the new manager of the Cubs, has apparently asked for and expects his new team to go after A-Rod this offseason.

Sources familiar with the situation told ESPN.com that Piniella, who is extremely close to Rodriguez, expects the Cubs to aggressively pursue the 10-time All-Star. The 63-year-old manager and the 31-year-old Rodriguez have what amounts to a quasi-father/son relationship; Rodriguez was managed in Seattle by Piniella from 1994-2000. It is that relationship -- and the tantalizing talent of Rodriguez -- that has prompted Piniella to want to explore a trade with the Yankees.

Well, Pinella is certainly making things interesting...but if you think about it, this might work out for A-Rod:

-less pressure (yes, I know it's Chicago but compared to NY, anything is less pressure),
-a manager that actually supports him (you can't argue the point that Torre has had it with A-Rod)
-and a bandbox (against NL pitching!) to launch home runs from.

That might not be so bad...but would A-Rod consent to a trade (thereby publicly admitting defeat in NY, mind you) to a losing team? Remember that his sole reason for leaving Texas was to go to a winner...and the Cubs are about as far away from being a winner as any team in baseball. Also, keep in mind that 28 year old Aramis Ramirez (he of the 38 home runs and 119 RBI) can opt out of his contract and become a free agent this offseason.

Well, if you could get the approval from A-Rod, here are three questions;

What do you expect to get from Chicago?
Would you do the deal at that point?
What would you like to get?