Torre's fate continues to be undecided. Torre is slated to address the media today, so maybe that will provide a little clarity. Various publications are reporting various outcomes from various sources. It seems to depend on the source you get, at this time. Let's have some fun with sources, now, shall we...

Over at the official site, Mark Feinsaid discusses the New York Post report that Torre will return.

According to several Post sources, owner George Steinbrenner decided not to fire Torre in the wake of the Yankees' Division Series loss to the Tigers, and that when Torre speaks with the press on Tuesday, "he will have been assured he will be coming back" for the 2007 season.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News sources say he's done:

Several people close to The Boss believe that, while he may not have made a final choice yet, Steinbrenner ultimately will let Torre go. Whether that will be in a traditional firing or a more amicable divorce - perhaps Torre taking another job within the organization to finish out the final year on his contract worth $7 million - has not been determined.

The article also mentions that according to "one source," D. Jeter may have placed a call to Mr. Steinbrenner in support of Torre. Rudy Giuliani has also come out in support:

Asked if he planned to call the Yankees' owner to offer his support for Torre, Giuliani replied, "I may, I may."

"And I'd say the same thing to him," Giuliani said. "You've got to look at a guy's whole record, and you have to look at the whole season, and you have to ask yourself, 'Would anyone have gotten the Yankees to the same place?' "

Finally, John Harper over at the New York Daily News says that if we are gonna do it, just get it over with already:

At this point, a reasonable person can argue either way on the question of firing Joe Torre, but dragging out this decision, especially for publicity purposes, would be terribly crass, even for George Steinbrenner.

Already it feels a bit unseemly, having to see video of Torre getting into his car at his home in Westchester, staked out by camera crews as if he were Junior Gotti or something.

Torre deserves much better than to be strung along. He has been all class, in victory and defeat, during his 11 seasons as manager here, and, Yankee fans' frustration over the Tigers series notwithstanding, he remains as beloved a sports figure as there is in this town.