Robinson Cano placed second in this year's AL Rookie of the Year voting, coming in behind Oakland's Huston Street. He finished with 57 points, 40 points shy of Street's 97.

I think that I must be jaded by the lack of Yankee ROY candidates of the past couple of years but I find it amazing that Cano finished this high. Joe Blanton (6 points) and Scott Kazmir (1 point) got the short end of the votes in my opinion since Blanton had arguably a more important season for the Athletics than Street did. On my ballot, it went Blanton, Street, and then you can pick one from Gustavo Chacin, Jonny Gomes, Kazmir and Cano. Don't get me wrong, I'm not undervaluing Robbie's contribution to the Yankees this past year. I'm just saying that there were several other worthy candidates amongst his peers who should have recieved more attention.

Steve Lombardi had a good writeup over at WasWatching on what the future might hold for #22.