Update: Cashman says this is not true and Torre says he was misinterpreted.

Wow. Maybe someone in the Yankees front office or down in Tampa reads the various Yankees blogs out there. ESPN is reporting that the Yanks are indeed mulling over their options for the hole in center field, including the possible use of one of its two All-Star (and Gold Glove winning) shortstops, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

There has been a lot of talk in Yankees fandom about this already. However, most of the time the debate has been about whether or not Jeter should move. A-Rod usually doesn't enter into the conversation. I've always been eager to see how this would play out if the Yanks ever seriously pursued it. In essence, with Jeter (who goes back on fly balls better than most players out there) in center, you would move from non-existent production to a better hitting version of Johnny Damon. A-Rod would be back at his natural position and there is no one in either league who puts up those kinds of numbers at the shortstop position. The only question then would be the one of who plays third base?

Still, I wouldn't hold your breath... I strongly doubt they would seriously consider moving the Captain from short (though he would certainly add even more to his legacy by willingly trying the CF experiment). Well, I'll believe it when I see it.