Here is the full list of Yankee free agents per Lee Sinin's Around the Majors:

Kevin Brown, RHP (Good riddance!)

Alan Embree, LHP (Bye bye!)

John Flaherty, C (That's the door!)

Tom Gordon, RHP (Hmm... would be a good guy in the pen but a declining K rate, 3 year contract demand, severe injury potential and a history of overuse sound the alarms. Combine that with the 2 first round draft picks the Yanks could potentially recieve and it might be time to say goodbye to Flash.)

Matt Lawton, OF (Ouch.)

Al Leiter, LHP (Another hmm... may be of some use as a LOOGY out of the pen.)

Tino Martinez, 1B (Thanks for the memories!)

Ramiro Mendoza, RHP (Another hmm... is he done because his AAA numbers this year say otherwise.)

Felix Rodriguez, RHP (See ya!)

Rey Sanchez, SS (Buh-bye!)

Ruben Sierra, DH (If the Yanks care about winning, do not resign him!)

Tanyon Sturtze, RHP (This would mean that the Yankees declined his '06 option - I wasn't aware of that happening but if that's the case, then I for one, am very happy about it.)

Bernie Williams, OF (Maybe a 4th OFer? If not, thanks for the memories and I'll see you in Monument Park!)