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You are currently viewing archive for October 2008.

Posted by: Seamus
From Pete Caldera:

Plans are in the works to have Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte transfer home plate from the current ballpark into the new Yankee Stadium - perhaps on Nov. 8, according to a person familiar with the concept.

Sounds like a pretty cool idea. It's kind of hard to believe that we're almost at the point where they're going to install home plate at the new Yankee Stadium.

That brings me to another note, which is that most (if not all by now) of the playing surface has been installed at the new ballpark. Pictures can be found at the Yankees' official website.
Posted by: Patrick
The 2008 season finally came to an end last night, as the Phillies defeated the Rays to win their first World Series since 1980. Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans.

With that out of the way, the hot stove season can officially begin. I, for one, welcome the hot stove. It's starting to get really chilly down here in North Carolina.
Posted by: Patrick has a fun interview with Derek Jeter, where he talks about video gaming, the end of this season, some personal matters and more. It's pretty much what you would expect from a Jeter interview, and that's a good thing.

Via Peter Abraham.
Posted by: Patrick
Peter Abraham reports, through Sam Borden, that Mike Mussina may be thinking about his future for a while. Or, at least, past the end of this week. This is according to his agent, Arn Tellem.

Tellem also reps Jason Giambi, and said that Giambi's top choice is to remain in New York and that, as far as he knows, that is still a possibility.
Posted by: Patrick
From's Danny Wild:

By now, most fans have heard about the Omaha, N.E. native -- he has a knack for pitching with both arms. And although that's quite an impressive feat, it had nothing to do with him winning a MiLBY for Best Short-Season Reliever.

The Creighton University alum finished his rookie campaign 1-0 with an 0.83 ERA and a New York-Penn League-leading 23 saves, allowing just three earned runs in 30 games with Class A Short-Season Staten Island. Venditte, however, couldn't believe the news.

"This is something my teammates would pull," Venditte laughed after hearing he'd won the award. "But I definitely didn't expect it. It's definitely an honor. I'm very fortunate, and it was a good experience for the summer."

Congrats to him.

Via Mike.
Posted by: Patrick
On Tuesday, Brian Cashman made a public appearance in promotion of 2K Sports' MLB Front Office Manager video game. But, the subject he seemed to have been asked about most: Joba's recent arrest. Anthony DiComo, Peter Abraham and Ed Price all have quotes.

"He made a mistake," Cashman said on Tuesday evening. "He apologized for it. Thank [goodness], no one was hurt, because it's a very serious issue. And I hope that's the end of it." ...

"He's part of our family," Cashman said. "We're going to support him, but at the same time, he knows that stuff like this can't happen."

“I wouldn’t say other than the fact that I did talk to him,” Cashman said. “I’ll leave it at that. … He’s an employee of ours. The sensitivity of some of that stuff, I wouldn’t even get into. Not because of him, but for any of our employees. There’s a proper protocol. … He has our support and that’s defined in a number of different ways.” ...

“I can’t say I’m confident about anything. I wouldn’t represent what goes on in other people’s lives,” Cashman said. “He knows we care a great deal about him. He knows he’s got all the support from us that we can provide because we do care about him. I don’t know what goes on in anybody’s personal life. But he’s part of our family.”

"He made a mistake," Cashman said. "He apologized for it. Thank God no one was hurt. It's a very serious issue. I hope that's the end of it." ...

"He knows that stuff like that can't happen," Cashman said. "And he's the first to admit that. And hopefully it's something he has and will learn from."

All the right things.
Posted by: Patrick
Taiwan News reports:

Star pitcher Chien-ming Wang and pianist Meng-chieh Liu were among 10 people who were selected Monday as the 10 most outstanding young men and women in Taiwan for 2008.

Wang, a Taiwan-born starting pitcher for the New York Yankees, was chosen in recognition of his outstanding performance in the United States major leagues, said Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng, who was on the panel of judges.

Wang wins... and Wang is on the judging panel? Conspiracy! Jokes aside, congrats to him.

Via Mike.
Posted by: Seamus
Jon Heyman got a chance to talk to Phillies shortstop and perennial All-Star Jimmy Rollins and asked him where he believed soon-to-be free agent pitcher CC Sabathia, a friend of Rollins, will end up in 2009.

"New York, American League,'' Rollins, an Alameda, Calif. product, said. "They've got enough money, and they need him.''

Heyman also went on to say that the Yankees seem to still be interested in Rockies outfielder Matt Holliday (via and WFAN).

Posted by: Patrick
From Lisa Winston of

For the 2008 Trenton Thunder, the Eastern League affiliate of the New York Yankees and Best Double-A Team MiLBY Award winner, the celebratory scene was familiar and yet wonderfully different.

A year after capturing its first-ever Eastern League title at Akron in 2007, Trenton got to pop the champagne in front of 3,000 cheering fans at Mercer County Waterfront Park as the circuit's first back-to-back champion in over a decade.
Posted by: Patrick
Vincent M. Mallozzi of the Times reports that Rutgers University is hosting a research seminar for students on the subject of Yankee Stadium.

Theresa M. Collins, a history professor at Rutgers for 17 years, teaches the one-credit course at the Livingston campus in Piscataway, N.J. With 220 applicants, she said, Yankee Stadium was the most requested first-year research seminar this fall.

“The purpose of this course is to open up the minds of these students to the joys of research, especially in places you wouldn’t normally think of it — like Yankee Stadium,” she said. “We often discuss the potential for certain research projects related to the Stadium, which allows the students an opportunity to maximize their sense of learning in this field.”

Via Andrew.
Posted by: Patrick
Kotaku has the video of a new commercial for "Guitar Hero World Tour," starring A-Rod, Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant. Awesome commercial.

Via Peter Abraham.
Posted by: Patrick
Peter Abraham reports that Larry Bowa is staying in Los Angeles. That was pretty much expected. I didn't envision him coming back after the Torre fiasco, anyway. Donnie is also staying out west.
Posted by: Seamus
Joba Chamberlain has received some advice from a man who knows all too well the consequences of living an irresponsible lifestyle under the New York spotlight: Darryl Strawberry.

It's a nice piece from Newsday's Jim Baubach:

What Strawberry doesn't want to hear is Chamberlain say this was a one-time occasion. That, Strawberry said, would sound like denial. "Think about it. He just got caught this time. How many other times did he drive drunk?" Strawberry said. "It's probably not the first time he was behind the wheel intoxicated. It's just that this time he got caught."

So what should Chamberlain do? That's easy, Strawberry said.

"If Joba was smart, he would walk right across his clubhouse and sit down next to Derek Jeter and talk to him about responsibilities and living life the right way," Strawberry said. "If he was really smart after what just happened, there's a guy right in your clubhouse on your team who can help you. Ask him for some advice. Ask him the things you should do. And he'll sit down with you and tell you.

I obviously don't know Joba personally, so I couldn't give an opinion on whether this incident is simply an aberration or not. In the case that it isn't, though, there is no better way to learn the consequences of such actions than to listen to somebody who's lived with those consequences, other than suffering them yourself. Here's to hoping Mr. Chamberlain doesn't let it get to that point.
Posted by: Patrick
From the Post:

According to an industry source, the Yankees are waiting to see if the Brewers pick up a $10 option on [center fielder Mike] Cameron, who will be 36 in January. ...

"I am not going to tell you that's right or not," Cashman said. "We are going to do whatever to make the team better, that's the bottom line."

Cameron will be 36 on opening day. He's got some pop (21-25 home runs in each of the past 3 seasons), but he's a .250 hitter for his career (and below that for the last two years) and his OBA has hovered around .330 in that span, as well. With that said, he's probably at or near the top of what will be a very shallow CF class.

We have Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui and, most likely, Xavier Nady under contract, and the team looking to DH Matsui most of the time. So, if the Yankees don't believe that Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera (no, I'm not 100% counting him out as far as being a contributing member of this team), or someone else on the roster can be the answer, Cameron could represent the best free agent option for a one year, stop gap deal, while Austin Jackson continues to grow.
Posted by: Patrick
From Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

[Derek] Lowe told this reporter that while money is important, he wants to go to a quality organization committed to winning, and no organization, in his mind, fits that description better than Boston.

Since being converted to a starter in 2002, Lowe has been put up good numbers and has been reliable, making 32-35 starts a season in that span. But, with that said, I'm not really bothered if he doesn't come to New York. There are other pitchers available, some of which wouldn't require the long term deal that it sounds like Lowe is going to be wanting.

Via Steve.
Posted by: Seamus
It's possible that the Yankees will open the new Yankee Stadium ten days earlier than originally scheduled, according to Yahoo! The team is reportedly contemplating playing an exhibition game on April 6, and their preferred opponent is the Chicago Cubs (via Scott Proctor's Arm).

Part of me likes the idea, because I think it's a shame the team has to open the season with nine games on the road. On the other hand, part of me would rather avoid the confusion of having two home openers and people debating about trivial things, such as who really hit the first home run at the stadium.
Posted by: Patrick
From the press release:

The New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, Goldman Sachs and CIC Partners today announced that they have founded Legends Hospitality Management, LLC), a new company that will offer a broad range of sports business services. Legends’ initial focus will be on operating catering, concessions, retail merchandising and other facility management enterprises for major sports and entertainment facilities.

Led by Michael Rawlings, former President of Pizza Hut, Inc., Legends will offer differentiated solutions to create innovative, high-quality stadium experiences for fans.

Legends has been granted the exclusive right to operate concessions, catering and merchandising services at the new, state-of-the-art Yankees and Cowboys stadiums on a multi-year basis. Legends intends to expand beyond these anchor teams to provide its services to professional and college sports teams and other event facilities worldwide.
Posted by: Patrick
Here is Joba Chamberlain's statement on his recent arrest, according to Bryan Hoch:

"I want to apologize to the New York Yankees and the fans for an error in judgment and for putting myself in a difficult situation," Chamberlain said in a statement released by his agent, Randy Hendricks. "I intend to properly resolve this situation, and do not intend to be in such a situation again. My goal is to focus on pitching for the Yankees in the 2009 season."

Meanwhile, his court date has been set, reports the AP. It's December 17.
Posted by: Patrick
Last week, former Yankees shortstop Tom Tresh passed away, reports Brian Hoch. He was 71.

Hoch has quotes from other former Yankees, talking about Tresh. Here's one of them:

"This hurts," said Joe Pepitone, a teammate from 1962 through 1969. "He was my roommate for six years of my life, my hitting instructor and my best friend. He let me be me, but he was also the guy who kept me in at night. Tommy was a constant in my life and a calming influence.

"He was always there for me and stuck up for me. He was like my brother. When I had personal issues, he was always the person on the team I would turn to. During some rain delays, he would take out his guitar and we'd sing and dance."

Our thoughts are with those that were close to him.
Posted by: Seamus
Not the best article, but the New York Post is stating that Larry Bowa is the Yankees' top choice to coach third base next season.

The Yankees New York Yankees will have a clearer idea of who their third base coach will be later this week.

That's when Larry Bowa will meet with Dodgers brass to discuss his future. Bowa, who is the Yankees' No. 1 choice to replace Bobby Meacham, recently finished the first of a two-year deal to coach third for the Dodgers. Nevertheless, Bowa has an out in the contract.

Bowa, the best third base coach in baseball, was with the Yankees in 2006 and 2007 but not retained when manager Joe Torre didn't return for the 2008 season. Instead, Bowa joined Torre in Los Angeles.

Problem is, the only information given to back up the claim that he is the Yankees' number one choice is the statement that Bowa is the number one choice to replace Bobby Meachem. I also find it somewhat interesting how a journalist gets to decide that Larry Bowa is the best third base coach in baseball.

Not that I disagree, necessarily. I'd actually be quite pleased to see him back in pinstripes.
Posted by: Patrick
Peter Abraham reports that Joba Chamberlain was arrested not long after 1 AM yesterday morning, close to Lincoln, Nebraska. A spokesperson for the Nebraska State Patrol said that he was pulled over after speeding.

In addition to DUI and speeding, he was also charged with possessing an open container.
Posted by: Patrick
Our annual interview series with Yankees bloggers, Interviewing the Yankees Blogosphere, will be starting up soon enough. The past interviews are available, if you'd like to give them a read.

Before we started approaching people, I thought that I would put out a call here for any question suggestions. If you have any, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Thanks!
Posted by: Patrick
Bryan Hoch reports that third base coach Bobby Meacham and special pitching instructor Rich Monteleone will not be brought back in 2009.

Hoch mentions that Luis Sojo, who manages the Yankees Single-A club in Tampa, is a possibility, as is Willie Randolph. While not speaking specifically of an opportunity with the Yankees, Randolph told the Post that he is open to being a bench or third base coach for someone, given the right situation.

Peter Abraham says that that should not be expected, as it would put added pressure on Girardi, since Randolph aspires to be a manager again in the future. Abraham raises the option of moving bench coach Rob Thomson, or first base coach Tony Pena, over to third.
Posted by: Seamus
Truth be told, I really haven't seen much of these supposedly rampant internet rumors stating that the Yanks and Mets are talking a Cano for Beltran swap, as mentioned on the YES Network official site. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough. After doing a little research, I read on that the rumor popped up via Frank Russo on "Yankee Special," on New York Baseball Digest Radio.

It's not really a deal I'd make (the Mets would supposedly want Veras/Bruney and Ian Kennedy, as well), considering Austin Jackson is only probably about a year away and the Yankees could possibly spend some serious dough this offseason on the rotation and first base.

I'm not sure how serious or reliable any of this is, since I haven't caught it on any major sites or any newspapers, but I figured I'd just throw it out there.
Posted by: Patrick
Yankees in the AFL is a blog written by the prospects that they team sent to the Arizona Fall League (Humberto Sanchez, Phil Hughes, Jeff Marquez, Kevin Whelan, Juan Miranda, Kevin Russo and Austin Jackson).

Sanchez is listed as the lead blogger and wrote the first post, introducing himself.

Via Steve.
Posted by: Patrick
The New York Daily News has posted Phil Pepe's article on the sale of the Yankees, in 1973, on their website. Pretty cool.

It was obvious, from his background, that Steinbrenner was the perfect man for Burke. For one thing, he had the money. For another, he had the interest, For a third, he could afford to have the Yankees for a toy. Steinbrenner has other toys. Boars. Real ones. He is Chairman and chief executive officer of The American Ship Building Company of Cleveland. That's not all. He is owner of the Kinsman Stud Farm in Ocala, Fla., part owner of the Chicago Bulls, partner in production of the Broadway musical "Applause" and the national companies of "Funny Girl," "George M." and "On a Clear Day."

Via Ben.
Posted by: Patrick
From Jon Heyman:

The Yankees are said to want to sign two out of three starting pitchers they're coveting -- CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe. Sabathia is, of course, their No. 1 target. But Yankees players seem to love the idea of signing Burnett, a pitcher who has dominated them.

I really want the Yankees to skip signing Burnett. He kind of scares me, like he might be Carl Pavano II. I'm not a doctor, so I'm not familar with just how bad Ben Sheets is healthwise, but all things considered from my cursory level of knowledge, if we're going to take a shot and invest in one injury plagued pitcher, I'd rather it be Sheets.

Via Steve.
Posted by: Patrick
Mark Feinsand of the Daily News reports that the Yankees have cancelled the stadium closing ceremonies, previously scheduled for November 9. Bryan Hoch of has a statement from the club:

"The Yankees were considering having a charitable event at Yankee Stadium for BAT (Baseball Assistance Team). However, the Yankees realized that the final event at Yankee Stadium should be a baseball game which in fact took place on Sept. 21, 2008 with the magnificent closing ceremony. Accordingly, rather than having a fundraiser, the Yankees will be donating $500,000 to BAT."

Via Peter Abraham.
Posted by: Patrick
Today, Mo had surgery to clear calcification off of his right shoulder. Everything went as expected, according to Brian Cashman.

"I spoke to Dr. Alchek and there were no surprises," Cashman told Peter Abraham. "Everything was as they thought it would be. He can start throwing again in three months, which is not atypical for him, anyway. So, that was good news."
Posted by: Patrick
Check out the video below, featuring Bucky Dent and Mike Torrez playing Mario Super Sluggers on the Nintendo Wii. Dent famously homered off of Torrez in the one game playoff between the Yankees and Red Sox after the 1978 season, giving the Yankees the division title. Definitely has some funny moments.

Posted by: Patrick
From Ken Davidoff:

Whom would you rather have? CC Sabathia for six years and $150 million? Or Jake Peavy for four years and $63 million?

The Padres, coming off a 63-99 season, will at least explore a Peavy trade, general manager Kevin Towers confirmed to Newsday. ESPN's Buster Olney first reported that possibility this past week.

The Yankees are among the teams with prospects that interest the Padres, although it's not clear whether Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to come to the Bronx.
Posted by: Patrick
Here are the top 10 search keywords that people used to find in the month of September:

1. Yankees Blog
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10. Yanks Blog
Posted by: Patrick
Joseph links to a nice piece on Kevin Maas by Anthony McCarron at the Daily News.

"There was some good, some bad and some ugly," Maas says now about his career. "Like life. Should I have had a 10-year career, 20 or 30 homers a year? It is what it is. I played 11 years of pro ball and at 33, the end, my bat was getting slower and I had trouble staying healthy. There were a lot of influences pointing me to move on and I wasn't afraid to."
Posted by: Patrick
Jim Baumbach of Newsday points to a blog post written by Mark Mussina, Mike Mussina's brother. In it, he says:

Before I get to playoff match-ups, I want to say thank you for all the kind words regarding Mike’s season, and that I really don’t know what he is going to do next year. I think he was mentally prepared to retire, but after doing so well, and knowing how close the Hall of Fame is (some people think he’s in already, but who knows) I think it’s going to be hard to walk away. At this point, that’s all I will say about Mike.
Posted by: Patrick's Bryan Hoch reports that Mo will have surgery on Tuesday to remove calcification above the AC joint in his right shoulder.
Posted by: Patrick's Buster Olney says that he's heard that the Yankees payroll will down to the $180 million dollar range in 2009. This would be a drop of about $29 million, according to MLB Trade Rumors. The team has around $75 million in veteran salary coming off of the books, thanks to expiring contracts.

Via Andrew.
Posted by: Patrick
Kat O'Brien and Peter Abraham have quotes and audio from Brian Cashman's press conference and WFAN's Mike Francesa had him on the air today (via Mike).

Among other things, he said that he's looking for Matsui to be the DH, Damon to be in the outfield, Posada to be the catcher and a dedicated first baseman. He also said that he expects Joba to be a starter and to hold down a rotation spot (Wang and Joba are the only pitchers being penciled into the rotation).
Posted by: Patrick
Anthony McCarron of the Daily News reports that Joe Girardi feels that, if Jorge is healthy, he can catch 120 games next season.

Via Ben.