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You are currently viewing archive for May 2005.

Posted by: David
After Friday night's comeback win in the first game of the series I felt really positive about the Yankees season. That feeling turned quickly after the thrashing they took on Saturday afternoon. My feeling was well, it doesn't matter how bad you lose, its still only one loss. However, Sunday evening was very disappointing. With how well Mike Mussina had been pitching and his history against the Red Sox, I thought the Yankees would secure a win and take 2 out of 3.

I thought they had David Ortiz back to human but he still just kills them. Mussina was taken out after three innings and actually Wang looked pretty good, giving up only one run. Randy Johnson is still struggling and really didn't look that great against the Sox on Friday night. Are our expectations too high? If Johnson gives up three runs in six innings to a great lineup is that considered good pitching? I really thought the Yankees had Boomer on the ropes after the two homeruns, but they couldn't deliver the knockout blow and he certainly settled down and pitched great.

The Yankees now face Kansas City, Minnesota, Milwaukee and St. Louis on a twelve game road trip over the next two weeks. They should take at least eight of twelve. There is no way Kansas City should win a game. The Yankees should simply crush them. Minnesota may win two of three, but the Yankees can beat them if they play up to standards. Milwaukee isn't any good either. However, the Cardinals have a good team and they should provide a challenge for the Bombers.

I can't figure it out. Is American League hitting so good that you can't expect the pitching to hold them down? Or, is the Yankees pitching only good and not good enough to beat great teams?
Posted by: Patrick
Imagine 'World' without Yankees:

The Yankees are loaded with players who could make the rosters of various nation's teams in next year's World Baseball Classic. The question is whether the Yankees will allow any of them to play.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman confirmed yesterday his team was the only one to oppose the World Baseball Classic -- baseball's proposed version of a World Cup, featuring teams from 16 countries -- when it came up for a vote earlier this month.

"We did vote against it, yes," Cashman said. "It was 29 to 1."

Whether that means that players such as Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Gary Sheffield, Randy Johnson, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Chien-Ming Wang and Hideki Matsui would be permitted to play for their respective countries next March -- if they wanted to -- remains to be seen.

"That's for another day," Cashman said.


The Yankees don't want their players, who are among the highest-paid in the game, getting injured in an international competition only weeks before the start of the season and be unable to play for them once the regular season began.


A commissioner's office representative said yesterday that teams would not be able to dictate whether their players would be able to participate -- that would be "up to the players themselves." But if the Yankees made it clear they didn't want their players participating, it's unlikely a player would go against those wishes.

Sure, a World Cup seems "neat", but it is understandable. An opportunity for people to take a crack at the Yankees. There is a definitely risk, though. As there is with the NBA players in the Olympics, etc. I'm not sure what I want to see. But, if there is a World Cup, it wouldn't really be complete without Yankee players. If it happens, and all other teams send their players, I imagine Yankee players will end up going.

Via Pride of the Yankees.
Posted by: Michael
My wife always calls me when there is a bug to be killed. I take my shoe, and gently sneakup on the bug, and then "lower the hammer." Sometimes its just a thwap! noise. Sometimes the bug makes a bigger mess than I intended, and that's especially those that go pop!

When the Yankees get a beat down upon them, I go back to thinking about bugs. Surely, they don't see the shoe coming down, for if they did they would hide. How would the Yanks hide? If Joe Torre saw the "shoe" coming for the Yankees, would he ask Don Zimmer to borrow his helmet?

Its games like these that can make you forget all about the last 10, 20 or even 30 games. Those are the games that you always remember in the year. I still remember the thrashing put on the Bombers last year by the tribe.

It looked like in the 5th inning that the Red Sox were like the child who picked up the Yankee bug, and started pulling off its by one. 7 runs scored thanks to Stanton (this years Felix) and Quantrill in the 5th inning alone. The Yankee bug did not have its stinger, or bats against the Red Sox child either. Weak, and what seemed to be lost opportunities with 8 hits and one run scored.

I'm looking forward to a much different game today with the Moose taking the mound against Boomer. Don't you just see Wells on the mound holding a rather large magnifying glass?

"Come on bug... lets get this over quickly."

Thankfully the Moose has very large antlers.
Posted by: Patrick
Alex discusses the possibility of Bernie coming back next year in a "DH/PH, Rock Raines/Chili Davis" role next year. I know one thing... if Bernie wants to come back and play that role (or even a little bigger role), I want him back. Having Bernie on the Yankees is "right". There is just no other way for me to say it.

Like Alex, I'm enjoying everything that Bernie is doing this year. If this is his last year, I'll definitely miss him.

05/28: Odds and Ends

Posted by: Patrick
All of these coming from the always worth reading Steve Lombardi:

Carl Pavano took on Bronson Arrojo in a Red Sox vs. Yankees matchup on Xbox's Major League Basebakk 2K5. The result? Yankees win 9-3.

"What do you play at home, Bronson?" Pavano asked into the two-way speaker. "Atari?"

Chien-Ming Wang (Obi Wang) has pitched more 1-2-3 innings than all but 2 pitchers in the majors. Those pitchers? Pedro and the Rocket. Add into the fact that Wang's first start came on April 30 (Clemens' was April 8 and Pedro's was April 4) and you have an impressive stat.

Finally, he notes that A-Rod has a shot at the AL record for most home runs in a season for a right handed hitter (Hank Greenberg's 58 hit in 1938). It's early and it'll be hard, but it's possible.
Posted by: Patrick
I was watching ESPN Wednesday afternoon (right before I had to leave - haven't had a chance to blog about it until now) and they were talking about the Yankees. Dave Martinez was the "analyst" on to talk about baseball with the general anchor... whoever it was, I forget.

I am trying to recall exactly what he said. But, basically he said that Yankees fans won't consider A-Rod a true Yankee until he leads them to a World Series victory. He stuck his fingers up as quotation marks (except he didn't bend them like you normally would, it looked like he was giving two peace signs) and the tone of his voice, the look on his face, body language, etc... it implied, to me at least, that Yankees fans were being fickle, stupid... whatever word you want to give it. Then he said that when Paul O'Neil was a Red, he was a red[expletive meaning donkey or butt], but when he came to the Yankees, he did what he did because he wanted to win and I think he (Martinez) shrugged his shoulders or something. The segment left a bad taste in my mouth... almost anti Yankees fan like, although I think to call it that may be going a bit far. Anyone else see it?

Anyway, any real Yankees fan knows that A-Rod doesn't have to win to be a "true Yankee" or a beloved Yankee, etc. One of the truest of the true, beloved of the beloved - Don Mattingly - didn't win a title. So, any talk of that ends there. It's about more than that. I'd have to say that Dave Martinez was really speaking out of touch when he said what he said. Some Yankees fans may feel that way, but those Yankees fans just cast a poor reflection on the rest of us.
Posted by: Seamus
The Yankees won their 5th consecutive game last night after coming back from a rather early two-run defecit to beat the Red Sox 6-3. Randy Johnson still wasn't all that dominant but had more command than in recent starts as he gave up 3 runs in 6 innings. Robinson Cano launched his second career home run to tie the game at 3 in the 6th and Gary Sheffield launched a three run shot into the upper deck in left field to give the Yankees a 6-3 lead. That would be all they needed as the bullpen once again held the opposition scoreless. An odd decision to take note of was Joe Torre starting the 9th inning off with Tom Gordon and then using Mariano Rivera for only two outs. Rivera sruck out Bill Mueller to end the game and record his 12th save of the season.

I think everybody is now officially afraid of Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was walked 3 times last night and hit by a pitch. He did not record an at-bat in the game. I think part of the reason why he's been so hot is because he isn't chasing after any bad pitches right now. If guys pitch around him, he won't swing the bat if the ball is out of the strike zone. He usually gets one or two good pitches to hit every game and he is consistently taking advantage of those pitches and hitting the ball hard. He was hovering around .300 for the majority of the season up until about two weeks ago. Now his batting average is up to .324 (6th in the American League).

On to another thing that I'm sure caught everybody's eye: How about that home run that Gary Sheffield launched off Alan Embree? Normally I wouldn't dwell so much on one hit, but Sheffield absolutely destroyed that ball. As far as I can remember, I can only recall three home runs going into the left field upper deck in Yankee Stadium in recent years including Sheffield's last night. One other was Jose Conseco's first home run as a Yankee and another was a shot hit by A-Rod last year against Tampa Bay.
Posted by: David
In the first game of the season Randy Johnson pitched great and the Yankees beat the Red Sox 9-2 at Yankee Stadium. Since then he has been somewhat mediocre. He normally starts very slowly and gives up runs early in the game. Against the Mets, he gave up twelve hits and a guy like Miguel Cairo hit a homerun off of him. He needs to establish his velocity and location very early. He needs to go after the lefties like Damon, Ortiz and Nixon and dominate.

Is the relatively cold weather an excuse why he is throwing 91-93 mph rather than the 97-99 mph he was reaching consistenly last year? He seemed very frustrated against the Mets when they were hitting seeing eye base hits and dunking balls into the outfield. I think he will come out tonight and go right after the Sox from the first pitch. I just hope his aggression is controlled and he doesn't try and overthrow which will cause him to get behind in the count.

The Red Sox were just swept by the Toronto Blue Jays and really haven't been playing well at all. Johnny Damon and David Ortiz are complaining about the team in general and their poor play. With last night's win the Yankees jumped over the Red Sox into second place and this weekend the Yankees have the opportunity to open up some distance between them.

The Red Sox will be throwing Tim Wakefield tonight and he normally pitches very well against the Yankees. He seems to frustrate them and they end up looking silly. Hopefully they will not go up to the plate trying to hit home runs. They should try and go deep in the count and take him to the opposite field. Since he throws the knuckleball, pitch count really isn't a concern for him. Matt Clement will go Saturday vs. Pavano in the FOX Network game of the week and on Sunday night Mussina will face Boomer Wells. Clement has been great but Boomer may be close to his career finish line if things don't turn around soon.

A side story will be Mariano Rivera and his recent inability to beat the Bosox. He has been great lately, but it seems the Sox have his number because they have faced him so often. It will be a challenge for him and the team to be able to complete save opportunities.

However the games turn out it will be for sure that it will be great theater and Yankees and Red Sox fans will be on hand and glued to their TV sets and radios. I can't wait, what a great Memorial Day weekend to look forward to.

05/25: Simply Jeter

Posted by: Michael
I just got in from what I thought would be a rained out game. There had been a mass of clouds that just seemed to linger over the city today, with rain showers starting to fall close to game time. But lo and behold, the clouds broke, and the crowd filtered in for a night of baseball in the Bronx.

We settled into our seats in the right field bleachers. One of the few times I've sat out there, and I'm never thrilled as I like to see the game from close to the plate as possible. This was one of the rare exceptions however. It gave me a marvelous view of Jeter's catch, seemingly scaling over Cano for a catch that I would describe as simply Jeter.

There is talk of what it takes to be a "true Yankee." Watch Jeter. His number should be on the wall one day. You'll have the grand opportunity to tell your kids or grandkids, or heck, even the kid in your neighborhood, that you got to see the great Derek Jeter. A-Rod, Giambi... take notes from this guy.

Several things from the game...

I don't see the value in the dogs you can buy at the Stadium. You can buy $2 dogs outside and get them into the stadium. $4.50 for a jumbo? Come on!!

What was Torre thinking by bringing in Stanton? I know... I know... a left handed pitcher was needed in that situation.... but my goodness, you could feel it in the air when he came in. We had a great view of the bullpen, and we saw Sturtze warming up. I meekly tried to start the chant, "We want Sturtze!" but to no avail. Torre is dead set on bringing in Stanton. I was just glad it was a 4-1 game at the time!

It's freakin' late May and the temperature was just NUTS! Who would have thought I would need two sweatshirts and a total of 5 layers of clothes this time of year?!?!?

Tino, Bernie, Derek got the most cheers. No matter what they do on the field, you can count on the fans being behind them and supporting them as long as they are Yankees.

There were some jokers in the left-field bleachers trying to start the wave. Ugh! This is the great Yankee Stadium folks, no need to start the wave. A girl in front of me said, "Take the wave to Shea!" Indeed!
Posted by: David
The Yankees hit six homeruns last night, two apiece from A-Rod and Posada but because of the thrashing they gave the Detroit Tigers they were the receipients of the dreaded beanball late in the game.

Franklin German hit A-Rod squarely on the front part of the thigh and the Yankees retaliated when Paul Quantrill threw a pitch behind the batter which drew an official warning from the home plate umpire. The next pitch hit the same batter in the back and Quantrill and Torre were immediately ejected. The benches cleared briefly but there was no fracas which ensued. I'm sure Paul Quantrill gained respect from all of his teammates for making a statement. The Yankees will not be bullied and we will fear no one.

A side issue in the game is the emergence of Robinson Cano and his first major league home run. He turned on an inside pitch and deposited it into the upper deck in right field. After starting very slowly he has come on like gangbusters both in the field and at the bat. If the Yankees can win the next two they will get to five over .500, a landmark of sorts. They are presently three over .500 for the first time this season.

Tonight Wang goes against Mike Maroth and on Thursday Kevin Brown will face Jeremy Bonderman. With the team back to basically full strength, Joe Torre is faced with the everyday challenge of getting playing time for Tino, Bernie, Jason and Ruben. So far he seems to be keeping everyone happy.
Posted by: Patrick
The Yankees beat the Tigers 12-3 last night behind 6 homers (2 from A-Rod, 2 from Posada, a Sheff shot and the 1st of Cano's career) and 7 shutout innings (no walks, 6 hits, 6 K's) from Moose.

Sheffield went 2 for 5 with 2 RBI, bringing his average up to .317. With A-Rod's 2 for 2 (3 RBI) day, he's up to .318. Posada's 3 for 4 (4 RBI) puts him at a respectable .284. Bernie also added 2 hits (including a double), bringing his average up to .244. And Womack stole another base (number 15).

There was a little drama in the latter innings with A-Rod getting hit and then Q (who won Steve Lombardi over)throwing behind a batter and then hitting the batter with the next pitch. Anyone see it? I didn't. Just going on what I've read. Dimitri Young says it's not over.

More complete recaps can be found at Bronx Banter and Pride of the Yankees.
Posted by: Patrick
I'm guessing that this was said in jest, but who knows.

Report: Moonves says network would have topped Fox in ratings if Mariano Rivera held off Red Sox.

Basically, because Mo (/the Yankees as a team) didn't hold off the Red Sox, Fox was able to broadcast more Red Sox/Yankees games which attracted more viewers which improved their ratings and allowed them to top CBS.

"Mariano Rivera cost us more money than the Yankees," Moonves told the advertisers, according to the Times.

Again, I doubt that he is really serious, but if he is: that is an absurd excuse.

While the Times story doesn't mention it, the Yankees' playoff loss last fall is hardly the team's greatest lost opportunity for CBS.

The network purchased 80 percent of the team for $11.2 million in 1964, after the team had appeared in 14 World Series in the previous 16 years. The team never made it to the series during eight seasons under CBS's ownership, and it sold the team to Steinbrenner for only $10 million in January 1973. The franchise is now worth an estimated $950 million, according to the most recent valuation in Forbes.


Posted by: David
In a game that looked hopeless for the Yankees, they scored three in the eighth and added an insurance run in the ninth to beat the Mets and win the first round of the Subway Series at Shea Stadium. Yesterday's loss was bad enough with a frustrating performance from Randy Johnson, but the Yankees lost Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada to add to Gary Sheffield being temporarily sidelined. This appeared somewhat ominous considering the fact that they had to face Pedro Martinez.

The game did not start out well at all for the Yankees. With two outs and runners on second and third in the second inning all Pavano had to do was retire pitcher Pedro Martinez and the Yankees were out of the inning. Martinez hit a soft boucer to A-Rod which he booted and allowed the first run to score. Jose Reyes followed with a line single to right to increase the lead to 2-0. Later Cliff Floyd homered to make it 3-0. Pedro Martinez threw thirty-one pitches in the first inning but escaped a bases loaded jam when Mets third baseman David Wright reached into the stands on a foul popup off the bat of Jason Giambi. Pedro turned in a great performance, throwing seven innings and left having thrown ninety-nine pitches. Yesteday's hero Koo entered but the Yankees battled. The Bombers got the tieing runs on second and third with the aid of errors by Wright and Reyes and Mets manager Wille Randolph changed pitchers and brought in Roberto Hernandez. Hernandez got A-Rod to pop up for the second out and then Hideki Matsui stepped to the plate. With first base open, the Mets Randolph elected to pitch to Matsui who lined a single over the head of Wright to tie the game. Bernie Williams followed with a double off the wall in right to give the Yankees a 4-3 lead. Mike Stanton entered to face Cliff Floyd as the first batter of the eighth inning. He got Floyd to fly deep to center for the first out. Tom Gordon then relieved and retired Piazza and Mientkiewicz to end the inning. The Yankees added an insurance run in the top of the ninth to make it 5-3 and Rivera worked a 1-2-3 ninth to end the game.

This was a very gutty performance for the Yankees. Derek Jeter entered in the eighth as a pinch runner and did score but could not stay in to play defense. Tino came in for defense late along with Russ Johnson and the Yankees used the entire team to squeak out a win. We now have an off day tomorrow before facing the Detroit Tigers at the stadium for three night games on Tuesday through Thursday. After that its the hated Red Sox for the Memorial Day weekend rumble.

A-Rod has to sharpen his defense. He is hitting much better than last year but had made seven errors already this season. Jeter had already made five. The Mets have some very good young exciting players but Wright, Reyes and especially Matsui make too many errors.
Posted by: Seamus
The Yanks lost 7-1 Saturday afternoon at Shea Stadium as they struggled to hit throughout the game. Only a base hit by A-Rod in the 9th to score Tony Womack prevented the Mets from walking out of the stadium with a shutout victory. Randy Johnson struggled for the second consecutive start as he gave up 4 runs on 12 hits in 6 2/3 innings. Former Yankee Miguel Cairo homered for the Mets and perhaps the biggest surprise from this game was Mets' reliever Dae-Sung Koo. Koo doubled in the bottom of the 7th for his first hit since little league and scored from second on a bunt (although I must say I really disagreed with the call at the plate). Hopefully the Yankees can take the rubber game of this series tomorrow as they send up Carl Pavano to face Pedro Martinez.

I'd hate to say it, but I saw this start coming for Randy Johnson. His stuff hasn't been as great the last two or three starts, and the Mets have a much better lineup than the A's or Mariners. However, I don't think it's anything to be alarmed about. Small rough stretches happen to everyone. I've seen him have worse games than that at Shea Stadium.

I think the last three games for the Yankees overall have been a little sloppy. Fortunately, we have the Tigers (although of course nothing is automatic) at Yankee Stadium after this series is over. I'll be happy as long as they can clean themselves up before next weekend's series against the Red Sox.
Posted by: Seamus
The first Subway series of 2005 is underway. The Yankees took the first of three at Shea Stadium 5-2 tonight against the Mets in what was a sloppy game for both teams. Kevin Brown struggled, but he managed to give up only one run in 5 innings. The Yankees went ahead 2-1 after Kaz Matsui booted a grounder hit by Robinson Cano with the bases loaded, and the next batter, Ruben Sierra reached base on an error by Doug Mientkiewicz to make it 3-1. The Yankees had some mishaps as well. Jeter made two errors in the 4th inning, Tony Womack let a catchable ball drop in front of him and the Yankees also left 12 runners on base. However, the Yankees' mistakes did not cost them this time as they were able to grab the 5-2 victory.

The Yankees and Mets now have identical records at 22-20. The Yankees have now won 11 of their last 12 games. They will send Randy Johnson to the mound tomorrow afternoon to face Kris Benson.
Posted by: David
There is still over one hundred games to play but as Yankees fans we feel that getting to the post season is a birth right. With that thought in mind, what do we need to add? About two weeks ago dejected Yankees fans would say we need to add everything but the last eleven games has brought renewed hope and a sense of calming.

I don't think we can continue the season with Tony Womack as a left fielder. His inexperience and lack of arm will come back to haunt us when we play close games against contending teams. Bernie Williams can't play center field on a day to day basis. If the Yankees eat 3/4 to 90% of Jason Giambi's contract would anyone take him? I see our needs as follows in order of preference.

1. A left fielder or a new center fielder so Matsui can return to left on an every day basis. Matsui doesn't throw well either and teams run at will against the Yankees (remember the Red Sox during last year's ALCS). Ken Griffey, Jr. may be available and with the Yankees long lineup he would not have the pressure to produce all the time and may fit in with another lefty bat in the Bronx. Could we get Eric Byrnes from the A's? He is a very high spirited player with a lot of energy. Who else might be available? Someone like Preston Wilson could also be obtained.

2. If Giambi can be dealt than that means we need additional first base help. The Kansas City Royals are awful and a guy like Mike Sweeney who makes some money would be a big right handed bat to fill in or platoon with Tino Martinez.

3. To get anybody we would probably have to use either Cano or Wang as trade bait. I would hate to see either one of them go but if they did would Bret Boone be a possibility at second base.

4. If Bernie Williams becomes a part time role player he would strenghten our bench with Sierra returning this weekend. A bat would be helpful but we would need someone who can probably play several positions, we have too many DH's.

5. You never have enough pitching! The name of Roger Clemens keeps surfacing all the time. If we can get him we need to do so. The Houston Astros would probably want prospects like Cano and Wang and probably a couple more top prospects. I'm not sold on either Buddy Groom or Mike Stanton as a lefty specialist. Groom has probably been the better of two but both have alot of age on them. Is anyone out there that we can think of?

Posted by: David
The Yankees win streak is over. It would have been nice to keep it going especially the way we lost that last game, but that's baseball. There will be many ups and down during the rest of the season. Keep in mind always that the season isn't a sprint, rather it is a marathon.

Tonight we return to New York but are the visiting team as interleague play starts against the Mets at Shea Stadium. The Mets today are getting reminiscent of the Mets during the mid 80's. They carry themselves with a certain swagger and cockiness. However, they do have an exciting team with some great young players like Reyes, Wright, Beltran and Matsui only to name a few. Tonight its Kevin Brown against Victor Zambrano. KB has looked pretty good in his last two starts. Will he be able to continue in enemy territory against a much better hitting team? Yankee fans will remember Zambrano when he pitched for the Devil Rays. I believe he beat the Yankees three times last year before being traded to the Mets. His problem is his control. The Yankees need to be patient and make him throw a lot of pitches.

Saturday it will be the Big Unit vs. Kris Benson in the first FOX network game of the year. The series concludes on Sunday afternoon with Carl Pavano dueling Pedro Martinez. Martinez was supposed to pitch tonight but received a cortisone shot in his hip and is being held back a few days. The Yankees know how to battle against Pedro and have had quite a bit of success against him.

How does Joe Torre handle first base with there being no DH because of the National League park being used? Is it Tino or Giambi? Giambi seems to becoming out of his horrible slump, however he took a called third strike to end the game the other night with the bases loaded. Will Bernie Williams see much action? If he plays it means either Womack will sit or he would move back to second and Cano would sit.

My lineup would be as follows: 1. Jeter; 2. Womack; 3. Sheffield; 4. Matsui;
5. Rodriguez; 6. Martinez; 7. Posada; 8. Cano; and 9. Brown.

That leaves us with a bench of Williams, Giambi, Crosby and Sanchez.

I'm looking forward to a great weekend of baseball in New York. I think the Yankees will take two of three. What does everyone else think?

05/19: It's Over

Posted by: Patrick
The streak ends at 10.

More or less, we were done in by defense. Three costly errors. We did have a shot in the ninth but A-Rod and Giambi (2 outs, bases loaded) made outs at key moments to end the rally.

Jeter and Womack each had 2 hits (Womack had a walk as well) to raise their averages to .319 and .281, respectively. Godzilla went 3 for 5. The only hitless Yankees were Sheffield and Bernie.

We have a day off to ponder the loss before heading to Shea to face Willie Randolph's Mets.

More detailed write ups at Off the Facade and

05/18: 10

Posted by: Patrick
The Yankees extended their winning streak into double digits with a 6-0 win on Tuesday. Pavano turned in a complete game 5 hitter. 7 strikeouts and no walks. He faced 33 batters and threw 133 pitches (90 strikes).

DHing from the 8th spot, Giambi went 3 for 4 with 1 home run and 3 RBI. A-Rod went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI, 2 runs and a home run of his own. Posada was 2 for 4 with an RBI. As a team, the Yankees had 10 hits and 3 walks against the combination of Julio Mateo, Matt Thornton and Ron Villone.

Today the Yankees will send Mike Mussina to the hill against Jamie Moyer in the final game of the 3 game series.

Yankees record since launched: 10-2. I'm just saying.
Posted by: Michael
9 games in a row... and counting.

On the nation cries, "somebody beat them!"

I've come to the conclusion as of why the Yankees are doing so well. Donald Arthur Mattingly. Donnie Baseball. Tino has attributed him as the reason he is seeing the ball so clearly.

"Donnie's got my mechanics right where I want them," Martinez said. "I can tell you when I'm going bad I'm doing a million things wrong, and when I'm going good I'm doing all the things right. Right now I have good mechanics, and a good, level swing every time at the plate."

And Don will turn Giambi around too. Look at the success Robinson Cano is having at the plate. I no longer shudder when I see him come up with RISP.

The team is clearly built around its offense. We have one of the best strikeout pitchers in baseball, *THE* best closer, and a good staff of support. But what will get us to the World Series will be our bats.
Posted by: Seamus
When the Yankees were sitting in last place at 11-19, I didn't think I'd see them get their 20th victory before their 20th loss. However, this is now the case as the Yankees beat the Mariners in Seattle for their 9th straight victory to improve their record to 20-19. The Yankees are now above .500 for the first time since they started the season 3-2.

I guess unlike most humans, Bernie Williams does not need to be in the lineup consistently in order to get a feel for the ball. Bernie hit a key grand slam in the 7th to put the Yankees up 5-2 en route to an eventual 6-3 victory. Chien-Ming Wang was lights out after a shaky first inning, at one point retiring 17 consecutive Mariner hitters as he recorded his second Major League win. Mariano Rivera put the cap on it once again, striking out Greg Dobbs to record his 7th save of the season. I will also add that Tino Martinez did not homer in this game, which might be a more newsworthy story at this point than it would have been had he hit one out.

The victory brought the Yankees within 5 games of the division leading Orioles. The Yankees will go for 10 in a row tomorrow night in Seattle.
Posted by: David
The New York Yankees won their eighth straight game and have reached the .500 mark at 19-19 with three games upcoming against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field starting tomorrow night.

Randy Johnson did not have his best stuff at all and struggled all day. He gave up three runs in the first inning aided by his own error on a simple come backer to the first batter of the game. However, Tino Martinez aided the cause with two homeruns inlcuding a tieing two run shot in the fourth. The Yankees got the A's starter Haren out of the game in the seventh and were able to score two runs against Ricardo Rincon to take a two run lead. Jason Giambi came up with a key two out double to put the Yankees ahead and Robinson Cano followed with one of his four hits to extend the lead to two runs.

As for milestones, the Yankees are now at .500. It was Randy Johnson's 250th career win. Mariano Rivera recorded the 342nd save of his career to pass Hall of Famer Rollie Fingers into seventh place on the all time career saves list and Joe Torre recorded his 1800th career victory as a manager, including 906 as the Yankees manager.

The entire Yankees bullpen did not allow a runner on base. Tanyon Sturtze pitched a perfect seventh inning followed by Tom Gordon in the eighth and Mo to finish the game in the ninth.

Tino Martinez has been just awesome. His two homeruns today give him twelve on the season and tie him with A-Rod for the major league lead.
Posted by: Michael
In last nights thrashing of the A's one fan got carried away and dumped his beer on Jason Giambi.

The fan was immediately removed from the stadium.

Michael Kay put it correctly when he said, "...until a player is seriously injured, that's when people will wake up."
Posted by: Seamus
Amid rumors that he may be sent down to the minors or eventually traded or even released, Joe Torre has announced that Jason Giambi will be the starting DH for the Yankees tonight in Oakland. Torre said on "Mike and the Mad Dog" that the Yanks need to test him out for the next few days to see what Giambi still has left in him, meaning that he will probably be in the lineup for at least the next 4 or 5 games. Torre also has said that a horrible game or two at the plate will not cause Giambi to be immediately taken out of the lineup.

I have mixed feelings on this decision by Joe Torre. I want Giambi to get better and show everybody that he still has some talent left in him, but this also means taking playing time away from Bernie Williams, who is starting to warm up a bit at the plate. However, I do not think that a trip to the minors for Giambi would be the best solution either because in my opinion demoting a player is not the best way to "raise" a player's confidence level, especially a guy like Giambi who has taken so much pride in what he's done in the past.

Giambi will get a good test tonight with Rich Harden on the mound for the A's. If he can keep up with his fastball, he can keep up with anybody's. It is important to see if Giambi's problems are the result of a timing issue or a slow bat. Giambi is getting blown away by with fastballs that he used to drive into the upper deck.

One thing Giambi does do though is get on base. No matter how bad he hits during the season, you can always expect his on base percentage to be at or near .400. The fact that he draws walks leaves me to believe he does still have an eye at the plate. It's not like pitchers are pitching around him anymore. At least they shouldn't be.

Some people are saying that this move doesn't make sense because there isn't enough room in the order, especially with Ruben Sierra coming off the DL soon. That being said, can it really hurt to have another capable bat on the team? I don't know how optimistic I should be about Giambi, but if he does produce it will have a huge positive impact on the team.
Posted by: David
Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Bronx, NY

What a great time I had with my family on Wednesday at the Yankees game. It was a splendidly beautiful day weather wise and the Yankees came through with their fifth straight win 13-9. I wasn't feeling too good after the top of the first inning and we were down 5-0. But the sign of a good team is the ability to come from behind, and we did. We scored five to tie it at the end of one.

We pulled ahead briefly 6-5 until Ichiro homered off of Pavano. Raul Ibanez put the Mariners ahead 9-6 with a mammoth shot to the uper deck in right field. The renewed Yankees hero, Tino Martinez homered for the fifth straight day and tied the game. Later Jeter hit one and Sheffield hit a two run shot to put the Yankees up 12-9. Posada added a solo shot in the eighth to close out the scoring at 13-9.

The positive is that the Yankees can win by bashing anyone. With our power we can come back from huge deficits. We are never out of a game. The negative is that Carl Pavano did not look good at all, he really got rocked, giving up nine runs in four inning, all coming on home runs. An A-Rod error in the first could have ended the inning with a double play, but alls well that ends well.

Tonight we start off the west coast swing with Oakland, and Mike Mussina going for the Yankees. The just completed homestand proved that both Oakland and Seattle are not that great of teams. The Yankees should be able to win two of three from both. They will need to win five of six to get above .500.

Well my day at the game with my brother and two sisters was just great. I hope we get to go again sometime during the rest of the season.
Posted by: Patrick
The Yankees have released Steve Karsay.

And so ends his run with the Yankees at around 3 and 1/4 seasons. In this span, he pitched in 91 games (78 in 2002 - 13 since). In that 2002 campaign, he went 6-4 with 12 saves and a 3.26 ERA. Solid numbers. However, from then on he was plagured by shoulder problems that would keep him off of the mound for much of his remaining time in the Bronx. Unfortunate.
Posted by: Patrick
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Posted by: Seamus
The Yankees got another impressive victory tonight over the Mariners, their fourth in a row. They got another solid pitching performance, this time from Chien-Ming Wang, who gave up 3 runs on only 4 hits in 7 1/3. Tino Martinez homered for the 4th time in as many games. Carl Pavano and the Yanks will go for the sweep against the Mariners tomorrow afternoon in the Bronx.

I think it's great to see what Martinez has done for the Yankees so far in the month of May. He's been swinging the bat like he did for us in the late '90s lately. After his two-run shot off Aaron Sele, Michael Kay reported on YES that he had homered 6 times in 20 at bats. Thats' a .300 average for homering (if that makes any sense). For an old man whose bat everyone has said slowed down, he's been hitting quite well. Martinez is now tied for 8th in the American League in home runs with 8. If he keeps this up, we just might have to keep him around for a couple more years.
Posted by: Patrick
What does Womack have to do?

I was reminded (by Cliff Corcoran) of how a lot of Yankee fans are intent on not giving Womack any sort of chance or praise. Even in his praising of Womack, he tempers it with comments like "Let me reiterate, this is not to say that the Yankees should have signed Womack this winter..." and a final harsh shot of "He does appear to be a very useful player, even if he's actually not."

If Womack wasn't useful, he would not be a starter as long as he has been. He's a useful player who can competently play multiple positions and be a modest offensive presence. Are the days of useful utility guys really that far gone? Are we really that spoiled? Must everyone hit .300 or hit 20 home runs?

Must we have a lineup of Posada, Pujols, Soriano, A-Rod, Jeter, Matsui, Beltran, Guerrero and Sheffield (... wait, we have 5 of those guys already... nuts)? I mean, are we really that spoiled? I mean, I've love to have them, of course (and feel very fortunate we even have 5)... but, I can appreciate the "lesser" guys as well without having to think of what could be or what might have been, which is the type of "praise" Womack seems to get a lot of.

In my limited viewing of him, Womack has done nothing this year but play hard and he's done pretty well as far as what can be expected. He's played two positions, he's played 30 games, he's hit .282 (4th on the team) with a .331 OBA. He's hitting .367 with runners in scoring position. He's T31st in the AL in batting average and 47th in OBA. He's T37th in hits.

He deserves some clean praise. Not to be measured against "better" players (Polanco) or star players (Soriano), but expectations and how he is performing within the team and circumstances that are actually controllable. That's all I'm saying.
Posted by: David
There was a lot I liked about tonight's performance by the entire Yankees team. Randy Johnson was not awesome but very gutsy when he needed to be. He didn't go after some weaker players in the lineup and it cost him. However, he stayed in to the eighth and struck out Bret Boone with the go ahead run in scoring position. The Yankees scored in the ninth and Rivera saved the game.

Also, Tino Martinez has the home run stroke. He has hit five in his last eight games and has seven already this season. The best however, was the bottom of the eighth inning. The Mariners replaced Gil Meche with old Yankee Jeff Nelson to start the inning. Joe Torre pinch hit for rookie Robinson Cano with Rey Sanchez who delivered a leadoff single. Jeter followed with a perfect sacrifice bunt and Tony Womack got a single up the middle for what proved to be the winning run. They are showing signs of winning baseball. They have had four consecutive well pitched games even though Pavano lost last Friday night. The relief pitching is getting better and the hitting is coming in clutch situations.

The only thing I don't really like is Jason Giambi. He is now on the interstate at .197. He simply can't do it anymore. The Yankees are going to have to get another bat even though Ruben Sierra will be back. They have two more with the Mariners at home then go to the West Coast to play Oakland and Seattle again. They just to keep thinking about taking two out of three until they get to .500

Well I can't wait until Wednesday and I see them in the Bronx. I will report back after that. Keep up the chatter about possible trades.
Posted by: Michael
Eric Moneypenny from Fox Sports likes the New York Yankees Uniforms. According to him they are the best in baseball history. I tend to agree. The reason he loves them?

It's just dark blue things on a white background.

Dark blue things on a white background? Let me help him. When you see the pinstripes on any uniform in sports your thoughts go to the NY Yankees. More about the Bombers uniforms here.
Posted by: Seamus
Of course it goes to say that after I called Kevin Brown the worst pitcher in baseball he goes out in his next start and pitches seven shutout innings. I'm not so naive to think that a simple two-game winning streak means the Yankees are already turning the season around, but there are some good signs.

The starting pitching is starting to get into a groove. Mussina has been on for a while, Johnson and Pavano have pitched well in their last couple starts, and although Kevin Brown did run into more first inning trouble today, he did look a lot more comfortable on the mound. The two rookies (Wang and Henn) were both shaky in their last starts, but I am optimistic about Chien-Ming Wang and Randy Johnson is back now so I guess Sean Henn will be sent back down if he hasn't been already.

The hitting is also improving a bit. Alex Rodriguez hit his Major League leading 11th home run today and is looking like an MVP candidate. Also, a few of the guys who haven't been hitting well at the start of the season are starting to turn it on a bit. Posada and Tino are hitting a lot better.

Now Randy Johnson will take the mound tomorrow against his former team, a struggling Mariners team that has lost seven straight. Let's hope the Yankees can take advantage of this and get something going here.
Posted by: Patrick
Back to back shutouts by the Yankee pitching staff. Back to back no error performances from the Yankee defense. Good stuff.

Kevin Brown delievered today with a 7 inning, 0 R, 5 H, 1 BB, 4 K performance. He retired the last 9 batters that he faced. Flash worked a 1-2-3 8th and Sturtze a scoreless 9th. All told the pitching staff allowed 7 hits, walked 1 and struck out 5.

The Yankee bats only mustered 1 more hit than the A's (and 4 more walks), but put 6 on the board. A-Rod led off with a solo homer in the 4th. In the 5th, Matsui added another with an RBI single that scored Womack. It would remain 2-0 into the 8th, when Matsui walked to lead off the inning and Alex followed with a single. Tino, in the 6th spot, came up and hit a 3 run shot to deep right to put the Yankees up 5-0. But, they weren't done, yet - Posada made it back to back home runs (his 3rd of the year). Another shot to deep right.

Jeter, Matsui and A-Rod each had 2 hits.

Tomorrow The Unit takes the hill against Gil Meche and the Mariners.

05/07: What's next?

Posted by: David
I just finished watching good old fashioned Yankees baseball from the not too old glory days. Mike Mussina pitched a complete game shutout and the Yankees defeated the Oakland A's 5-0 before 52,776 at the Stadium. How do we build on this?

Kevin Brown is going tomorrow. He is 0-4 with with a 8.25 ERA. He gave up six runs in the first inning in his last start to Tampa Bay. Does he have anything left? I think we will need the bats tomorrow.

How long before we start making deals? Who is out there? Who can we use as trade bait? Right now the Yankees bench is extremely weak. Jason Giambi was not available again today. With Sierra on the DL that leaves us with Rey Sanchez, John Flaherty and Bubba Crosby. The Yankees have to strenghten their bench and soon. The Yankees announcers said that Joe Torre reported that Rivera would not pitch again until Monday. He pitched two innings last night and threw 50 pitches. Can Sturtze or Gordon close, if needed tomorrow?

I throw out the following names as possible acquisitions:

1. Mike Piazza - He has a huge contract with the Mets and really should be with an American League team where he can DH.

2. Roger Clemens - The Yankees rotation isn't strong enough to go the playoffs.

3. Bobby Higginson - We need a left handed bat (and an outfielder).

I would love to see some discussion on possible trades.

I'm going to the game next Wednesday afternoon and look forward to a good time. I hope it is good old fashioned Yankees baseball. A strong seven or eight innings from the starter and Gordon and Mo to finish it off.
Posted by: Patrick
Moose answered the call today as he pitched a brilliant 4 hit shutout. He struck out 3 while walking 2. The Yankees defense backed him up with a 0 error performance.

The Yanks offense only managed 5 hits (and 3 walks), but was able to score 5 runs. In the first, Sheff knocked in Jeter with a double to deep left. Tino added a solo shot in the 2nd and A-Rod added a 2 RBI double in the 3rd (with Womack and Sheffield scoring). A-Rod would add an RBI single (Sheff again) in the 8th to make it 5-0. He turned in a 2 for 4, 3 RBI day at the plate. Sheffield went 1 for 3 with 2 runs, 1 RBI and a walk. Jeter, Matsui, Posada, Phillips and Cano combined to go 0 for 15 with 2 walks and 1 run.

I didn't watch the game - but the box score tells me this was a good game for the Yankees. With pitching and defense plaguing us as it has - a shutout with no errors is just what the doctor ordered.
Posted by: Michael
These are the days that I look back at the time when Mrs. Freeman, my 9th grade math teacher, called me to her desk after school. I was anxious to get out of there that day. It was a Friday, and I had the weekend before me. She said my record thus far into the semester was behind all the others. She also said that I was doing very poorly, and could do much better.

“What would it take from me?”

“Hard work and determination.”

I thought to myself, well that can’t be. I can’t be as bad as she says that I am. I’ve always excelled at math. I mean, I won the math club competition at school 4 out of 5 years. I think it must be her fault. Or perhaps it’s the schools fault.

I think of the Yankee season the same way. The time has come where the players themselves must be accountable for their miserable record thus far into the season.

What is it going to take from the Yankee players?

Hard Work. Take nothing for granted. Play each game as if you are playing the Sox in game 7. Determination.

05/06: Yanks' Woes

Posted by: Seamus
Well I guess I can't begin talking about the Yankees without acknowledging their struggles early on this season. After tonight's loss (their 3rd consecutive against the Devil Rays), the Yankees are now 11-18 and tied with Tampa Bay for last place in the AL East. In fact, the only two teams in baseball at the moment with worse records than the Yankees are the 7-21 Royals and 6-19 Rockies. They are also in a virtual tie with the 10-17 Reds.

Typically at this point in the season you'd be more likely to see the Yankees at 18-11 and in first place, not 11-18 and tied for last. So what has been the Yankees problem so far? Well if there was only one problem, the Yanks would not be where they are right now. There are a number of issues. You are obviously going to run into trouble when you have rookie call-ups pitching on consecutive days. The worst thing that could possibly happen while trying to break out of a slump is for Randy Johnson to have to miss a start. Of course the Yankees' pitching woes cannot be simply attributed to injury. Performance has also been an issue. Jaret Wright was pitching awful before he got hurt. Moose gets the job done but has not shown enough consistency. Kevin Brown might be the worst pitcher in baseball so far this season, especially in the first inning or two. Also, although this hasn't seemed to be a problem so far, Mariano Rivera needs work. It's not Torre's fault, but I don't think it's good for a closer to be going a week at a time without an appearance because there aren't any leads for him to hold on to.

Pitching obviously hasn't been the only problem for the Yankees. You can't blame Randy Johnson for a 2-0 loss to Toronto. Some say that the problem with the Yankees' lineup so far has been a lack of consistency this season, evidenced by a 12-3 win over the Angels followed by a 5-1 loss. I don't think it's consistency. I think it's overall performance. The Yankees have only 3 hitters who have been getting the job done at all this season (Jeter, Sheffield, and Rodriguez). Those three guys all hit in the top half of the order (Rodriguez being the exception, who bats 5th). The games in which the Yankees score a lot of runs tend mostly to be games in which one of these three hitters, or all of them hit so well where their performance alone has been enough to put them in the "W" column, such as A-Rod's three-homer, 10 RBI game against Tampa Bay. That's not to say that there isn't the occasional game where one of the other players steps up, but Jason Giambi, Tino Martinez, and Bernie Williams are hitting .208, .257 and .247 respectively. It is so bad at the moment where it's almost as if the Yankees only have 6 innings to score as many runs as the opponent, because there have been so many 1-2-3 innings when the 6-9 part of the order were up.

I do believe that the Yankees can and will eventually turn things around. Hideki Matsui is obviously much better than .236 and 3 homers through 29 games. Jorge Posada has shown some good signs recently. The Yanks still have the best pitcher in the game as well as the best closer. It's only a matter of time before they start coming around.
Posted by: Michael
How did it get this far in the process for a judge to say that there was a lack of evidence of disorderly conduct?

According to this story, the Boston Police Department used High-Definition TV to determine that Chris House was doing everything BUT reaching for the ball when he made contact with Sheffield last month while at Fenway.

Granted, I don't think what House did was malicious. He appeared to be just another drunk fan reaching for the ball in play. But for the police department to rule that it was disorderly conduct, they had to have had something to go on. I guess the real question is, what is "probable cause?" To me the definition would be,reaching into the area of play and interferring with the player or ball.
Posted by: David
As diehard Yankees fans did we ever expect after twenty-eight games to be 11-17 and 7 1/2 games out of first place. In fact we are only one game out of last place. We can't beat Tampa Bay on a regular basis. Last night was truly pathetic. To give up eleven runs to a last place team is truly awful. The strength of our championship teams has always been our pitching, both starting and relief. Randy Johnson has pitched better than his record but missed last night's start as a precaution. Pavano is so-so. Mike Mussina has looked better of late, but is still not close to being an ace. Obviously, Jaret Wright has been a huge disappointment, even before he got hurt. But the worst of all is Kevin Brown. Do the Yankees need to just release him and eat the rest of his salary for 2005?

I now turn my thoughts to the bullpen. Even Rivera started awful but has been great the last few outings. He has lowered his ERA from over 10 to 2.70. Our big problem however, is getting to him. Tom Gordon came in last night to try and keep the deficit at two runs and on the first pitch gave up a homerun to a player that was just brought up from the minors. Did the Yankees pitch him out last year? Paul Quantrill hasn't been much better. Felix Rodriguez simply can't throw strikes. Buddy Groom has been for the most part a pleasant surprise. Last night while watching the game they showed Rivera warming up in the bullpen hoping the Yankees could rally and least tie, but they couldn't get it done again.

As fans we should still be hopeful. Sturtze will be back soon along with the Big Unit and Ruben Sierra. There is simply too much talent on this team to look this bad. The old baseball adage goes... Your never as good as you look when your on a hot streak and vice versa your never as bad as you look when your continually losing. Keep some good thoughts and look for positives. We need a win tonight and a good homestand. We were only 3-6 on the last homestand. We simply have to start putting the hitting and pitching together. The best case scenario is we win tonight and go to 12-17. We come home and win all six to go above .500 before our west coast swing.
Posted by: Patrick
Welcome to, an unofficial New York Yankees blog.

I have been blogging about the Yankees at my personal blog since it launched in April of last year, but for almost as long I have planned to launch a blog dedicated to the Yankees, my favorite baseball team. Today, 05/05/05, that becomes reality as becomes the latest iFroggy Network site.

Blogging alongside me will be David Williams (from, Michael Black and Seamus Molloy (from and

We will blog from a diehard, supportive Yankees fan's perspective. We're huge fans of these guys... we love these guys... and we won't try to hide this.

Our banner (which may or may not be final - small tweaks may be made) was designed by my friend Bryan (of Oybro and Special thanks to him.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope that this will become a popular stop for true and diehard Yankees fans.
Posted by: Michael
I put the blame on my father.

He grew up down south in a small town of less than 500 people. He grew up by taking his savings, his every bit of earned money, down to the small store they had in town and buying “penny” baseball cards. He grew up idolizing Mickey Mantle. He finely tuned the radio to hear the Yankees play. And through the static and the fading in and out, he listened patiently to hear his hero “The Mick” come to the plate.

Why so much about my father, when I should be telling you about me? Because he instilled the same passion and devotion of the New York Yankees into me, as he did himself those many years ago.

I grew up in the same small town, but I imagine that it has grown some from back in my Father’s day. I watched the games via satellite (a monster of a dish back then) on MSG and Fox.

I enjoyed how the game was played in a slow and methodical way. It was like watching a chess game (especially with the pitching). My passion or what I would like to call “rabid-fan” state came in '95. I went from a Yankee fan, numb from the years of losing and the strike, to someone who lives, sleeps and breathes the New York Yankees.

I took my father to his first Yankees game in 1996 (my first was in '95). What a thrill it was for me to see his reaction. It was how he pointed toward the field to tell me “Babe Ruth stood out there.” It brought new meaning and a special sacredness than when I went the first time.

I’ve been to the Stadium plenty of times since then. I’ve seen the Yankees at the height of their glory and sadly at the rock bottom of defeat. The word that best speaks for this team and teams before and after is “class” (or as John Sterling calls it, “World Class”).

Now I have a son of my own. He has both Yankee home and away uniforms. He has his own baseball bat and ball. He is only 15 months old. People we come across say, “What a nice boy you have.” Then I point out, “Yep, the future Yankee first baseman.”